Good. Corporate office work is writing irrelevant reports, sending e-mails no one reads, falling asleep in meetings where wanna-be techno-kings rat race for VP marketing. So you can make a pile of money to overconsume iPhones & Gucci & burn the planet.
Never go back to corpos.

Planet-wide picket line: no one go back to work for megacorps. Without burger flippers, drivers, etc. they have nothing. Work from home & co-op if you can. Have quality time with your family, friends, kids. Don't go back to that abusive, toxic workplace & boss.

Don't go back to 'normal'. Western neoliberal 'normal' was physically, economically, emotionally, spiritually, ecologically, and socially self-destructive. You don't need to go back to consume or work in a bar, gym, club, office, restaurant, or anywhere else. It was all useless hyperconsumption and meaningless busywork. Let it die.

"Forget going back to the office—people are just quitting instead"



American Airlines spent 90% of its profit giving millions to its executives, got a $5.8 billion bailout & fired tens of thousands in pandemic

Global picket-line against capitalist corpos who will only abuse you for $$$. Keep working at your cooperative/at home/doing mutual aid.

You can work at Hua Wei though after you quit your garbage Western capitalist entity.

@silverspookgames result? nobody learns anything.

the rich get richer And we get whatever the rich get sick of
And each year, we diggin' a ditch, get bigger... etc...

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