Good. Corporate office work is writing irrelevant reports, sending e-mails no one reads, falling asleep in meetings where wanna-be techno-kings rat race for VP marketing. So you can make a pile of money to overconsume iPhones & Gucci & burn the planet.
Never go back to corpos.

Planet-wide picket line: no one go back to work for megacorps. Without burger flippers, drivers, etc. they have nothing. Work from home & co-op if you can. Have quality time with your family, friends, kids. Don't go back to that abusive, toxic workplace & boss.


Don't go back to 'normal'. Western neoliberal 'normal' was physically, economically, emotionally, spiritually, ecologically, and socially self-destructive. You don't need to go back to consume or work in a bar, gym, club, office, restaurant, or anywhere else. It was all useless hyperconsumption and meaningless busywork. Let it die.

"Forget going back to the office—people are just quitting instead"


@silverspookgames What's the companies' obsessions with in person office work anyway? Most companies reported anywhere from no productivity loss to improved productivity once they got into the swing of WFH, and now they don't have to buy or rent office spaces. More importantly, most workers report lower stress, better morale, and more free time due to not commuting (which also has the benefit of cutting down on emissions).

Seems like a win-win for everyone.

@AgreeableLandscape @silverspookgames

One explanation I heard is management types work by interacting with people, so if they don't see you "collaborating" they don't think you're working. This explains why they like open offices (one reason at least). It also means they don't understand that "real" work for someone like a programmer (using as example since that's what I am) is done while alone quietly coding.

That's probably the most generous explanation.

@AgreeableLandscape @silverspookgames

After reading Bullshit Jobs, another explanation is bosses have underlings as a job status thing.

The best explanation, also from that book, I think is bosses basically think they own your time.

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