In some major news, I will be doing a stream with John Romero (yes, one of the legendary creators of DOOM!) Friday 11 AM Pacific time in an indigenous devs panel.
Yeah that guy!

Gonne be talking about this upcoming John Romero interview as well as a big AAPI panel of awesome comrades coming up

Just had a talk with John Romero, indigenous gamedev creator of Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein etc. about Neofeud and Hawai'ian struggles, banning of our culture/language etc. and he knew about problems in Hawai'i and I'm having trouble settling down now.

Also, sorry didn't realize that it was pre-recorded. The actual video will be on Twitch front page this Sunday! (Will put out a link then)

The indigenous gamedevs panel I was on with John Romero (Id Software co-founder) is going to be from 6-7 PM Pacific Time today on Twitch front page and also this channel:

@silverspookgames nice! He seems like a lovely person. I had the chance to have him sign my Wacom tablet in an event mid 2019, and I gave him a sticker with a design of mine. Wonder if he still has it!

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