Neofeud is a cyberPUNK game about police murder of minorities, social, racial and economic inequality, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a poverty-line POC social worker (me!) It's also 70% off now!

Hawai'ians / Pacific Islanders like myself are shot many times more per capita by cops in Hawai'i by US cops, and we have the highest rate in the US of police arresting black/brown kids in schools, throwing'em in jail.

The majority of Native Hawai'ians like myself have been forced out of our home country, or into living homeless on the street. This has only skyrocketed recently.

Illegally occupying US Empire in the sovereign country of Hawai'i continues dropping bombs, mortars, drone strikes, depleted uranium all over our sacred mountain, toxifying it & poisoning our water supply. Sounded like carpet bombing the other night.

As an indigenous person who makes games about colonial violence from personal experience - white / Western devs: please do not do this.

I actually uploaded the Neofeud game files to the online store from a Starbucks internet connection. My wife and kids and I were living in a Mazda tribute, and I was eating spoonfuls of Skippy peanut butter for dinner. Because Native Hawai'ians have been forced onto the street / away from our home.

"The median price of a single-family home on Oahu hit $950,000 in March. Its the third record high in a row and its mostly due to outside "investors". The housing market for 2021 is expected to explode further leaving locals with even fewer housing options."

Illegally occupying US Empire in the sovereign country of Hawaii is still dropping bombs, mortars, drone strikes, and depleted uranium all over our sacred mountain, toxifying it and poisoning our water supply. Just heard what sounded like carpet bombing last night.

Hey, look at that! US drops 15,000 pounds of C4-equivalent munitions from B-52 bombers on our sacred Hawaiian mountain Mauna Kea to test it out, poison us with radiation terrorize us, and flies the jets to Afghanistan to bomb some Uighurs into 'freedom'! Small world!

"the US is responsible for every attack in Xinjiang to destabilize the region and stop Chinese influence in Central Asia" --Sybil Edmonds, FBI whistleblower

(she was later sued by the US gov to not talk about this topic)

Former billionaire Uyghur Rebiya Kadeer, now works with US gov, admits involvement in effort to train Uyghur's with ISIS, hoping to bring more terror to Xinjiang.

Leaving this context out is like talking about collapsed hospitals in Iraq while leaving out the fact the US bombed them.

The US is not pushing back against China's growth because they care about Human Rights issues. They're manufacturing terror and destabilization, then lying about China's legitimate poverty alleviation methods of dealing, to stop China's growth, and profit from war and massacres.

Racism, colonialism and war are fundamentally linked. It's no accident that open anti-Muslim Bigotry ballooned in the lead-up to the Iraq War, and the new enemy of China coincides with spiking anti-Asian racism.

"We'll know when our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey, CIA director

Weapons not food, not clothes, not shoes, not need, just greed to feed the war cannibal animal. I walk the corner to the rubble that used to be a library line up to the mind cemetery.

Illegal US occupation of Hawaii killing / mass-incarcerating Pacific Islanders as George Floyd's murderers in Minneapolis brutalize Black people, & anti-Asian attacks soar on anti-China war propaganda. Our struggles against racism, imperialism, & war are one and the same.

US delisted the ETIM (extremist Uyghur movement in Xinjian) shortly before proposing a trillion dollar fund to counter China's growth. The US & allies just a few years ago were 'bombing to smithereens' the same Muslims they purport to care about.

"Canadian liberals perform a national ritual of shame and guilt over their treatment of indigenous people, but it never translates into meaningful reparations or action. The Xinjiang atrocity propaganda blitz offers something valuable to Canadians: instead of improving the situation at home, they can therapeutically attack China." Same goes for the entire Western imperial world.

How the US manages our thoughts to wage war and colonialism without repercussions: HYBRID WAR

'Green' Imperialism: literally burning your climate by refusing Xinjiang solar panels in attempt to stop a non-white socialist country from surpassing your colonial forced-labor, genocide, and ecology annihilation-backed Western Hegemony.
Just give up, already, West. You've lost.

China has:
'Forced labor!' oops, that's the US in its prison-labor system.
'half a million dead from pandemic response!' oops, US again.
'Oppressed, killed, impoverished ethnic minorities' yep, that's the US, uh...
'Destroying countless countries and peoples in for profit wars' - wait, yep, US...

"It's richly ironic to contend that China doesn't have legitimate sovereignty over its territory when most of those critiques come from white settler colonies with no legitimate claim to ANY of their territory"

Western media continue citing a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes homosexuality & gender equality, supports “scriptural spanking” of kids, believes Jews will convert or will 'burn in a fiery furnace' & whose work is 'not credible' in academia, on Xinjiang 'human rights abuses'.

China getting vaccines to poorer Global South countries as US and UK continue vaccine hoarding and inequity. Normal Western colonizer behavior.

The US will force billions back into poverty and war simply to reign over slums and ashes, out of infantile selfishness. It cares nothing for the human rights of its own people, let alone Uyghurs.

"We must stop China from becoming a peer, even if it means pushing them into poverty."

The US empire cannot stop anti-Asian racism when it is powered by anti-Asian racism, suppression of China, and military-profiteering from war with China. All based on lies.


US has 3X the vaccine needed for its people, and denies India raw vaccine materials as cases spike to 300k / day.
Meanwhile, China getting vaccines to poorer Global South countries as US and UK continue vaccine hoarding and inequity.

China: getting tens of millions of vaccines to 80+ poor/developing countries who the West is denying access.
Random privileged Western White Guy with a stockpile of vaccines: "They might have made some MoNeY or DiPloMaCy tho."

China: locks down country early, stamps out covid, resulting in only 4k deaths - US with 4x less population and 600k deaths.
Western White Guy: "It's just a ploy to make people like the government and get good PR!"
Sorry Americans you gotta die by the millions or it's a DiPloMaCy

China: Lifts 850 million people out of poverty.
US: Shoves millions of its own into poverty, countless around the world into war / neocolonial extraction / extreme poverty.
"It's a dIpLoMaCy!!!"

The expectation that everyone is a malicious, self-centered, sociopathic, gaslighting asshole, including all government, businesses, & society as a whole is Western Exceptionalism in the extreme. Not everyone is surrounded by maskless, disinformed, cop / billionaire worshippers.

Americans: "Please, can we stop spending 750 billion a year on needless mass-murdering war so we can have healthcare, housing, decent food and education."
US rulers: "No, we have to keep fighting wars and starving you, or it's a sinister DiPlOmAcY."

US: "We can't stop B-52 bombing Uighurs in a genocide, otherwise we'd just be trying to 'curry favor' with Muslims. So we HAVE to blow up more Iraqi preschools, or that would be A DiPlOmAcY!!!!!"

The West doesn't care about human rights, esp ethnic minorities. If Westerners are hand-wringing about 'human rights' in a foreign country, it's cause the ruling classes are trying to start a for-profit, million-person-murdering war - like in the Gulf, Iraq, Syria, now China.

China and Vietnam should investigate the US' countless human rights abuses.

It's almost like Western plutocratic capitalists who deny people healthcare, housing, kill 600k in covid etc. for their own profit don't like Xi Jinping, because Xi is a socialist that puts people before profit, and will stop their looting plutocracy.

"Xi Jinping profile from US diplomatic cable in 2009 on Wikileak quite interesting to read, esp in hindsight:"

"Xinjiang shakedown: US anti-China lobby cashed in on ‘forced labor’ campaign that cost Uyghur workers their jobs."

If you parrot or stay silent on the West's current consent-manufacturing in Xinjiang, you're hurting Uyghurs and giving their wages to US ruling class.

"That political actors as diverse as Mike Pompeo and Jacobin coalesce behind indistinguishable rhetoric on China is not a contradiction. Behind their seemingly “neutral” position, the Western critic is deeply invested in the ability to comfortably assert both his and his country’s ethical superiority to a despotic, communist China. This “white man’s burden,” liable to be taken on by any and all in the imperial core, insists on a liberalizing imperial agenda."

"China has demonstrated that it has developed an alternative, non-Western, non-capitalist model of development - without war, invasion, colonization, slavery, regime change, primitive accumulation - that the world can emulate and follow... The ruling classes in the West will go to war to prevent this."

Extremely important talk by K.J. Noh from the "No Cold War: For a Peaceful Pacific" panel.

US empire & allies, with no solid evidence of genocide in Xinjiang, all based on Neo-Nazi Adrian Zenz who wants Jews to melt in hell: "China human rights violations must end!"

US after Incontrovertible, on-camera evidence of countless human rights violations and genocide in Israel: "This is fine. Keep killing- I mean, cleaning up Israel."

Far-right German 'upset' that he 'has to say something' about Muslims in Palestine. Zenz is also the #1 source for US warmongering on alleged human rights violations against Muslims in China.

The fact that the slaughter against Palestinian Muslims is not 'alleged', but well documented by countless journalists & other observers, but the US empire's tools like Zenz refuse to condemn it speaks volumes.

Israelis are using white phosphorous on Palestinian civilians, which is a warcrime under the Geneva Convention. US continues to back Israel with billions in military aid, is blocking UN resolution against the ongoing attacks.

So much for the rules-based-order.

Muslims in China: "Forced to celebrate Eid! Human rights violation! Sanction!"

Muslims under US-Backed Israel: Forced to starve, drink poison water, die by white phosphorous and blown up by missiles.
US: "This is fine. Have 3.8 billion."

It's not a 'complicated conflict', it's a massacre of Palestinians backed by the US for its imperial interests and for-profit warmongering. Always has been. (figures are from 2014 slaughter)

"The CIA stands with Israel!" 👍

Great to know the world's most horrific empire has your back.

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From Hybrid To Hot War: U.S. Militarization in Asia and the Pacific under the new Cold War on China.

US military-industrial complex (#1 carbon emitter) causes climate change, which will lead to chaos and resource wars, which will lead to more climate change. The ghoulish unhinged business plan is to rule over ashes with all-out needless war, if nuclear holocaust doesn't end everything first. Check out the BF 2042 trailer.

Western Capitalist Clownworld: "OMG we're all gonna die IPCC pyrocumulonimbus burning Earth Wall Street runs everything doomershit 200k covid antivaxx everywhere!"

China: "World’s largest solar powered green hydrogen plant begins electrolysis over wolfberry and alfalfa crops. Let's crack down on finance capital / Big Tech. What is being 'anti-vaccination?'"

China bad CHINA BAD! CHINA BAAAAAAD!!!!!! Ashton Kutcher, say China Bad! Uyghur nuking, Tibet Bono liberation concert China opium warred Souther Coal miners to take fentanyl, stole muh Elon Musk rocket, cheap China forced labor covid bat market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies of wildfire-ash-spread Lambda variant.*

US: "China is stealing our patents! Make trade war, cold war, South China Sea 21 trillion dollar war with them!"

China: "Let's have the highest quantity and quality of science in the world for the betterment of humanity."

Ah, Western genocide and oil-backed Canada forcefully inserting IUDs into 10-year-old indigenous children, doing what they *accuse* China of doing based on bogus studies from a Neo Nazi Adrian Zens for their daddy empire USA. Forced sterilizing Nazi-land Canada.

Also: simply replacing police with social workers without changing the racist white settler-colonizer people and government will result in continued forced sterilizations, stealing BIPOC kids from parents continuing genocide as they have done to Hawai'ians like myself.

I made a cyberpunk game that deals with this stealing of children and slaughter on marginalized people by settler-colonial slave-catching indigenous-genociding cops called Neofeud.

Happy Asian & Pacific Islander month! Now let's censor & erase actual indigenous Asian voices that don't suit our racist, imperial interests. Everyone watch Copmala's experience as Asian prison-industrial complex slave catcher instead. Also fascist Andy Ngo still has a blue check and unsuspended

Happy Asian and Pacific Islander Month! Western Media silencing more Asian (Uyghur) voices in Germany that contradict imperial / warmongering US State Dept narratives so the US and Germany can keep genociding Muslims for profit in ongoing colonialism.

"China bad Uyghur debt trap bat market" --some Westerner pretending to care about Asians, never actually listened to a Chinese person, benefiting from ongoing Western colonialism, living in his daddy CIA's Matrix of disinfo.

Iraq WMD BS, Nayirah's incubator babies BS, Syrian White Helmets BS, Yellow Peril Bioterror BS... How many millions have to die and trillions of bombs need to drop till 'free thinking' Westerners figure this out?
The same guy who lied y'all into the Iraq War is lying y'all into hybrid war on China.

@silverspookgames A lot of the western countries are biting themselves quite in foot with these things. China creates a lot of goodwill for them where us & europe are playing selfish. You also see this with who wants make the vaccines patent-free.

U.S. Pol - Snark 


Corvette Joe literally can't see us if he can't exploit us.

🖕 His Sensitive Guy commitment to the Jewish people is at the same level as his press releases about how much he "Listens to women" or whatever vapid shit his "feminist" ghoul of a press Sec. is grinding out today.

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@Xander A contribution to our ongoing conversation about zionism

@silverspookgames I would be more likely to boost your posts like this if they used a proper Content Warning.

@silverspookgames This is interesting even more so is the fact the BBC and UK media is not even reporting this.

@zleap China doing a good thing is not acceptable to report, how will they get US military-industrial complex money? :D


I will share this, maybe tomorrow I have made quite a few posts today and am waiting for Debian 11 to be released so I can make a post for that.

Will give me a chance to write some text around the link.

@silverspookgames It's also interesting that a lot of the technology that the US accuses China of stealing, like 5G, China does better than the US.

That's not how actual knowledge stealing works. The one who plagiarizes never produces a better product than the one who developed it and therefore understands in depth how it works.

@silverspookgames Rant time. Everyone in the West fixates about "OMG a Uyghur said that China is mistreating them so it must be true REEEEEEEE", but when a Uyghur says that's not true, hell, when thousands do, they're either a paid shill or being forced to lie. Like for people who bases their entire Uyghur genocide belief on testimony (because y'all got no videos or other such actual evidence), you sure don't want to believe testimony.

bad shit 

@ruffni @silverspookgames Tell me how that proves there's a genocide, or how it proves that those people didn't actually commit crimes, or are being mistreated. It just looks like a generic prison to me.

I could take a video of any random prison in Asia and say it's an extermination camp in China or something, and people would probably believe me.

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@silverspookgames thinking about how my mom is the only one able to have kids in her generation bc Indigenous.

@silverspookgames agree that the export ban is cruel. but what do you mean that the us is at 3x the amt needed?

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