Please don't move to Hawaii in the PANDEMIC, displacing even more Native Hawaiians like myself, unable to afford 950k+ housing on starvation wages, living on the street, or forced to move away. Don't be a colonizer.

Anti-Asian & anti-Hawai'ian racism have always been intimately linked. Hawai'i was (and is) a country that resisted imperialism and granted full citizenship to Asians, Blacks, & people of any ethnicity when the US still engaged in slavery, the Chinese Exclusion Act, etc..

Far from 'living in shacks' Hawaii was not only more socially and politically progressive than the US, we also had the most literate country in the world, advanced industry, mass transit, and electricity in our capitol before the White House.

Please don't be another 'organic' 'vibin' lifestyle brand' colonizer in Hawai'i.

When people think of slavery, they think of Trans-Atlantic slavery. But white settlers introduced slavery and brutal labor trafficking into the Pacific as well. Over a million Pacific Islanders were enslaved or "blackbirded" during the 19th & 20th centuries.


Trans, non-binary and gender-fluid people were and are accepted in Hawai'ian culture, and play vital roles in our resistance against colonization.

Hawai'ian malama 'aina (caring for land) is part of our education, culture as well as food production. Children are alienated, deprived without it. The US banned our language, actual hula, and ecological culture, in attempt to destroy us. But we are reclaiming & decolonizing.

@silverspookgames Screaming child labour for having to work in the family business, from a phone containing minerals mined by child slaves, while wearing designer clothes sewed by child workers.

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