Happy MLK Day. America is reaping its abject failures to address racism, capitalism, and the military-industrial complex that he fought against.

uspol cops racism mlk 

So much for when you've still got POC murdering / mass-imprisoning cops beating peaceful MLK marchers. We saw how they treated the white supremacist insurrection with kid gloves and high-fives at the capitol.

uspol cops racism mlk 

Racist NYPD that violently brutalized black protesters on Martin Luther King Day to be sent to 'assist' defending of capitol. Ah the poetic injustice! amny.com/news/nypd-stepping-up

uspol biden fascism 

TFW racism is over in the US cause BiDeN, but hundreds of NYPD who bloodied peaceful black MLK demonstrators were at the capitol

Fuck the US Empire 

"Biden recognizes Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela" --the VP under Deporter in Chief. Same empire, with competent imperialists, with BIPOC token faces to airbrush over warcriminality. Back to brunch and 'debates' over mindless video games for the US and its puppets, looks like.


Fuck the US Empire 

Not kidding about that competent imperialism, that is explicitly stated.

"The Trump-Rubio doctrine of Incompetent Imperialism is a strong wind in the sails of the Latin American left." --Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor under Obama.

Which is DC-speak for, "We'll manufacture consent of our star-spangled morons properly, rebuild hegemonic relationships, and get the war, coups, genocide, and colonizing done."

US Empire, Elon Musk, Bolivia 

Here's Elon "We will coup whoever we want" Musk's puppet, installed by US-backed fascist coup, to steal their lithium.


US Empire, Elon Musk, Bolivia, UK 

UK "We support Elon 'We will coup whoever we want' Musk" getting in on that lithium colonialism.

We now have King/CEO Elon Musk, making Neofeud's Game of Thrones-Cyberpunk Dystopia fusion even more literal. It's always vindicating and horrifying being continuously proven right!

"8 People Killed in Atlanta-Area Massage Parlor Shootings"

The US hasn't faced its history of anti-Asian racism colonization, Asian labor that built railroads & the West Coast, the Chinese Exclusion Act, & ongoing personal attacks. Racism in high-gear as the military-industrial complex manufactures consent for war in the East. Sick.

Another white guy brutally murders Asian women sex workers in obvious racist terror crime. US cops: "Let's think about the murdering white man's feelings. He was fed up with his privileged white man life!"

Cyberpunk game where you play 'token Asian noodle shop owner' who fights off broody white men protagonists who commit anti-Asian hate crimes in Chinatown.

Western military, corporations, politicians and media and its consent-manufactured anti-Asian racist populations are gearing up for a full scale assault on China and Asians generally that has and will continue to *actually* hurt the Uighur populations. Terrible work, y'all.

Growing violence toward people of Asian descent in the US in proper context: US interventionism in Asia Pacific and the current New Cold War on China. news.cgtn.com/news/2021-03-22/


The West's favorite a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes homosexuality and gender equality, supports “scriptural spanking” of children, and believes he is “led by God” on a “mission” against China, speaks no Chinese, uses 8 anonymous sources as incontrovertible evidence of genocide, just got his ass sanctioned. Fuck Adrian Zenz.

Asia has been White guys' sex-tourism playground, mail-order wife store, 'cheap food' cooking servants in Chinatown, cheap railroad labor, 'NPC's for Western 'sex addicted' killing, & now a boogeyman to scare up military-industrial spending for the next few decades

Similar to how white capitalist plantation owners in Hawai'i worked hard to maintain a hierarchical caste system to prevent worker organization, kept the camps strictly divided by race, and encouraged divisions + suspicion. Hawai'ian hui (worker coops) were often multi-ethnic.

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