Banning Hawaiian language and culture, coup of a thriving indigenous nation, stealing of land and resources, commodification of our culture, dumping us into toxic ghettos. Hawaii was colonial blueprint for the empire's actions in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, etc.


Neofeud is anti-capitalist, anti-racist & anti-imperialist cyberpunk. I'm a Native Hawaiian who made this game while working 40+ hrs in social services / teaching in ghettos, while homeless. Neofeud is my life, in art. Thread 1/?

"Neofeud explored the depths that makes up our capitalist reality and I found the game to be a multi-dimensional representation of Marx's Das Kapital (...)
Video games can not only be a vessel to escape reality, but can also force players to confront and engage with reality, and this is what Neofeud does."
High praise! :)

Want to ? Neofeud is about how feudalism, capitalism, slavery, racism, colonialism, and 'Western Liberal Democracy' (that's actually white supremacist imperial plutocracy) are more alike than they are different.

"Concern about the darkness of the prince's skin color" 

illuminates so much.
You have Racism - power constructed through melanin-count separation.
Feudalism - the power flowing from the royal bloodline.
And Capitalism - the tabloid media whose power stems from selling royal godflesh. They each 'feud' with each other (Meg/Harry ally w/ Oprah Capital vs blood-Dynasty allied with Racist-Capital Daily Mail) but also reinforce each other as all benefit from exploited workers, servants, colonies.

"Concern about the darkness of the prince's skin color", Nazis 

There's no bigotry in British Royalty! Except...
“If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed” (to a group of British students during a royal visit to China)."
"“It looks as if it was put in by an Indian” (referring to an old-fashioned fuse box in a factory near Edinburgh).
“Why don’t you go and live in a hostel to save cash?” he asked a penniless student in 1998.
--Prince Phillip, royalty with literal Nazi family members

"Concern about the darkness of the prince's skin color", Nazis 

Also, the Queen is worth around 500 million, Harry is worth 50 million, with Netflix and Spotify deals valued at 7+ figures. This is an upperclass-on-upperclass fight as the homelessness, pandemic deaths, impoverishment of US & UK 'commoners' downward spiral around this circus.

Nice to see the Westerners coming out to stan their dying empires that colonized and genocided the world, and with the US backed fascism & made billions in arming them i.e. Ford till it was inconvenient, then rewrote history like communists didn't do vast majority of fighting.

UK with 127,000 preventable deaths (1 per ~520) putting profit before people (unlike Vietnam, China), racist Brexit torpedoing its economy, 130k dead from austerity, sacrificing its essential workers, to keep its 'Crown' bejeweled in palaces and penthouses. Goodbye, colonizer.

UK's biz: concrete, steel, and glass bank vaults AKA Ponzi London real estate, filled w/ hyperfinancialized crime dens - I mean banks - that wash tomahawk missile blood money, & lie-factories (BBC) that pump out its daddy US' war propaganda, while neofeudal peasants starve below.

"But the British fought racists!" - Here's the Chinese literally forced to carry y'all on their backs under murderous, racist British colonialism. Chinese that UK & US foment anti-scientific hatred against. Similar in India, Africa, etc., millions died, were enslaved, exploited.

I opened up all the entire can of 'I'm not racist' racist monarchy-stan Twitter, oh my.

My continued indigenous existence and saying true things is 'rude' to Karen the American capitalist prom queen (wanna-be British feudal queen).

The exact people I made Neofeud about.

"Autocops, autostockers, autodelivery" Neofeud is a cyberpunk adventure game about the prison/military/police-industrial complex, under runaway plutocracy, made by a one-person dev (me!)
Grab Neofeud 1 & help me finish NF2! (Pictured)

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