Happy MLK Day. America is reaping its abject failures to address racism, capitalism, and the military-industrial complex that he fought against.

uspol cops racism mlk 

So much for when you've still got POC murdering / mass-imprisoning cops beating peaceful MLK marchers. We saw how they treated the white supremacist insurrection with kid gloves and high-fives at the capitol.

uspol cops racism mlk 

Racist NYPD that violently brutalized black protesters on Martin Luther King Day to be sent to 'assist' defending of capitol. Ah the poetic injustice! amny.com/news/nypd-stepping-up

uspol biden fascism 

TFW racism is over in the US cause BiDeN, but hundreds of NYPD who bloodied peaceful black MLK demonstrators were at the capitol

Fuck the US Empire 

"Biden recognizes Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela" --the VP under Deporter in Chief. Same empire, with competent imperialists, with BIPOC token faces to airbrush over warcriminality. Back to brunch and 'debates' over mindless video games for the US and its puppets, looks like.


Fuck the US Empire 

Not kidding about that competent imperialism, that is explicitly stated.

"The Trump-Rubio doctrine of Incompetent Imperialism is a strong wind in the sails of the Latin American left." --Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor under Obama.

Which is DC-speak for, "We'll manufacture consent of our star-spangled morons properly, rebuild hegemonic relationships, and get the war, coups, genocide, and colonizing done."

Fuck the US Empire 

Competent imperialism, like incompetent imperialism, is still an atrocity.


Get ready for "" as the US fails to bring justice for George Floyd.

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