If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."
Itch: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/673

"Fake success till you... die in a homeless tent city, of covid" work-in-progress from my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2!
Itch: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/673


"Artificial wombs, artificial mothers - Family Ties 2049" - work-in-progress from Neofeud 2 my cyberpunk adventure game.
Neofeud 1: Itch: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/673

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Abysmal for-profit healthcare system imploding, killing hundreds of thousands and enriching health corp execs under pandemic: "There's an app to get poor POC to wait in multi-hour covid test lines for you!" US unfortunately on the fast-track to the cyberpunk hellworld of Neofeud.

It's ok tho, cause it CrEaTeS JoBs and its TeCh EntRePrEnEuRiSm

Total Wreck-All - The Reason You Can't Have Nice Things (On Mars, or that other toxic hellhole husk covered in the radioactive skulls of the 99%) Silver Spook Live youtu.be/4t2mqv3hv3s

Stock Market soars to all-time high as 1/3 of the US plummets toward starvation. Fired out of offices, evicted from apartments onto the covid-filled street with no safety net. Best Country Ever!


@silverspookgames The pandemic has illustrated particularly clearly that activity in the stock markets has no connection to "the real economy".

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