If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

"War(ehouse) of the Worlds" A social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings trying to build Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Neofeud 1:

Neofeud 2 is a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game where a cyborg social worker, an ex-con and a daughter of a trillionaire take on her father as he causes planetary inequality, war and pollution for profit
Neofeud 1:

Veteran anti-war Terminators & ghettoized alien social workers foment global strikes & socialist revolution against neofeudal trillionaire CEOs burning the world(s) to ash - in Neofeud 2!
Help me finish NF2 and grab Neofeud 1!

Live discussing post-capitalism, Neofeudalism, fully-automated luxury Earth dynasties for 0.001%, dystopia hell for everyone else, and what that all means!

"Christmas Shopping in Pandemic, Panopticon, Plutocracy, and AI/UBI Perma-Unemployment" Neofeud 2 is a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game and all of the world is written, programmed, and hand-animated by myself!
Grab Neofeud 1 & help me finish #2!

"Fake success till you... die in a homeless tent city, of covid" work-in-progress from my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2!

"Artificial wombs, artificial mothers - Family Ties 2049" - work-in-progress from Neofeud 2 my cyberpunk adventure game.
Neofeud 1: Itch:

Abysmal for-profit healthcare system imploding, killing hundreds of thousands and enriching health corp execs under pandemic: "There's an app to get poor POC to wait in multi-hour covid test lines for you!" US unfortunately on the fast-track to the cyberpunk hellworld of Neofeud.

It's ok tho, cause it CrEaTeS JoBs and its TeCh EntRePrEnEuRiSm

Total Wreck-All - The Reason You Can't Have Nice Things (On Mars, or that other toxic hellhole husk covered in the radioactive skulls of the 99%) Silver Spook Live

Stock Market soars to all-time high as 1/3 of the US plummets toward starvation. Fired out of offices, evicted from apartments onto the covid-filled street with no safety net. Best Country Ever!

Boeing 737s, semblances of democracy, Universal Deathcare Systems, food delivery systems, trillions of CMBS, world reserve currencies, and other things that used to not crash in the Gone-US.

"It's not a coffin hole, 32-to-a-toilet, in a rat-infested meth lab - it's a... cozy, minimalist, and pet-friendly dream-home! (pet rodent included). Best you'll find in the Big Rotten Apple."
Grab my cyberpunk adventure game Neofeud 1 & help me finish NF 2! (Pictured)

cyberPUNK in 2020 isn't made by megacorporations by exploited workers for billionaire future-Tyrells. Silver Spook Live -

"Neofeud is the rawest, most moving cyberpunk video game I’ve ever experienced, and I've gone through all the dialogue trees of BloodNet and played A Mind Forever Voyaging to the end." -Doctor Torner

Not sure about "Most visionary game on Steam", but UBI-controlled slums, sentient bots and transgenics, prison/military-industrial complex, co-option of mass-movements, consensus manufacturing - Neofeud's got those!

A homeless hacktivist dodges AI-run robot cops & drone-strikes in downtown San Fran outside of barbwire-walled billionaire enclaves, attempting to free smartphone-making sweatshop prisoners. Playing my Deus Ex mod Terminus Machina now!

"Y’all SERIOUSLY need to play Neofeud

Corporate imperialism, eco-fascism, disability rights, wealth disparity, the school-to-prison pipeline, systemic racism in law enforcement and family law, veteran mental health and’s all there" --Steamshovelers

Neofeud 2 involves massive unionization, revolts in the street for marginalized folks, post-capitalist worker coops, federation of those co-ops, and ultimately world(s)-wide general strikes against cyberpunk dystopian capitalist hellscape. Hope to finish in 2021!

Like but don't got 60 bucks? Wanna support indiedevs that don't crunch workers and exploit marginalized communities? Neofeud is 70% off ($4.50)!
"Secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam."
--Steam Reviewer

What the fuck, Cyberpunk 2077?

"features a rapid onslaught of white and red blinking LEDs, much like the actual device neurologists use in real life to trigger a seizure when they need to trigger one for diagnosis purposes"

The paradox of the cyberpunk present where megacorporations ruin everything with collapse-phase capitalism is they destroy cyberpunk itself by diluting it to meaninglessness for $$$.

My thread of some cyberpunk games that don't crunch their workers for billionaire profit, promote transphobia, and aren't hyper-seizure inducing.

CP 2077 is directionless Dad Rock with a thick candy coating of superficial neon, mohawks, shiny cyborg parts, scrubbed of meaning and 'politics', strewn together as a billionaire private jet payment scam and RP1-esque weapon of mass-distraction to make insulin-rent with Twitch subs, till total neofeudal collapse under mass eviction, pandemic and civil war.

It's distorted non-cyberpunk bread/circus for the in-situ slow-mo apocalypse till Libya-ization of the US.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Party for ex-punks turned Google algo-jockeys, megabank coders, and military-industrial complex digital stormtroopers to pretend they're still fighting oppression while collecting Stratocasters and fat paychecks to ruin the world.

If you don't have unhoused people, trans people, POC (actual struggle, not just skin tone-slider) and other marginalized people & their struggles *centered* in your cyberpunk game, it's disqualified and re-labeled cyberboogie.

Can't seem to shed tears for the two billionaires at CP 2077's CD Projekt, who lost a few million from a 30% stock plummet on egregious glitches, who *still* have superfreighters full of investor $$$, much of which has already been liquidated for mansions and private jets.
Let me brain-mail the black clinic doc to upgrade my cyber-tear ducts. The Weep-o-matik is all drekked up, chummer!

Refunding Cyberpunk 2077 and buying some non-megacorp sweatshop-made, non-transphobic cyberpunk games is cyberpraxis.

Things got more bugs than the reconstituted cockroach prisms in Snowpiercer anyway.

@silverspookgames i've been playing this, and I'm quite enjoying it.

SPotting the references and cameos is great fun :)

@imani You know, I bought this, played about 5 minutes (I just didn't have much time), and just from the intro, I became very worried that I'd end up feeling about like you did. ☹️ I'm glad you shared your review here.

I played "Dujanah" earlier this year, and it's not a subtle game either (but was interesting and fun); Neofeud seemed like it was going to be above and beyond even that on bluntness.

@silverspookgames I'm excited to play finally And will have to grab a copy when I'm back home tomorrow!!

@silverspookgames isn't this *literally* the setup to Red Faction?

I could swear that's unironically exactly how that game's story starts.


@silverspookgames The pandemic has illustrated particularly clearly that activity in the stock markets has no connection to "the real economy".

@silverspookgames Phew, was waiting forever to earn this month's pay to buy it. Bought it just now and can't wait to play, it looks g

Keep doing cool stuff, I love seeing you on EJ's channel

@stuarttempleton Thanks a lot! It doesn't always pay the most in $ and cents but when people get something of value out of Neofeud etc. it makes it all worth it. :)

@silverspookgames I saw this article yesterday and had to send it to my photosensitive epileptic bf

it’s astonishing in the worst way

@silverspookgames I love how unironically cyberpunk this game it.

Like... it's not a game *about* cyberpunk.

It's 100% everything that cyberpunk warns against.

@TruculentSheep I give it 2 billionaires out of 10 (CD Projekt's two joint-CEOs)


What, you mean a big budget, AAA Video Game **doesn't** challenge the status quo?!?!?!!!??


Genuinely curious, I haven’t gotten to play the new cyberpunk much at all and am hearing a lot in the last two days about it being transphobic. What exactly has been going there?

@silverspookgames Thanks for the links, I’m out of the loop and I’ll give em a read

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