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I do my best and damn the rest / Do my damnedest and the rest be damned


在漫畫裡看到主角用的程式不是MS Office而是Open Office居然有種莫明感動!!

Zwei Gründe, warum ich Menschen meide:

1.: Ich kenne sie nicht.

2.: Ich kenne sie.

Tell it to the bees,出了电影封面版,也许,如果有苏格兰口音的audio book,我还是可以再听一遍

Portable Python 3.9.5 for Windows (USB key, ext. drive) for schools/companies

(submitted by edukodo)

So here’s one way to get a hash of countries and their e-services VAT rates in Node.js (from a local copy of EU VAT rates page HTML)

fs.readFileSync('vat-rates.html').toString('utf-8').split('\n').filter(line => line.includes('<tr class=')).map(row => row.trim().replace(/^\<tr.*?\>/, '').split('td')).map(row => {const o = {}; o[row[1].replace('>', '').replace('</', '')] = row[7].replace(/<br.*?$/, '').replace('>', ''); return o})

This took me a few minutes to write. Do better, EU Commission.

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