Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use and

@sigon Do you have an idea how embedding maps in general will be possible without the explicit consent of a user after 25th of may? #GDPR

not an expert on GDPR, but why we should need user consent on a web map?.

Because you are sharing personal information of your visitors (ip address) with a 3rd party without their consent

I am breaking my mind on how to fix this...

@sigon For using leafletjs with the hugo page builder I got something for you ;)

@sigon Any tips for migration of data out of Google Maps and into OpenStreetMap?

If you take a look at the leafletJS page you'll see some tutorials to create simple maps, for the basemap you can use openstreetmap instead of a google one.

@sigon I'm incorporating leaflet into the historical database system I'm building, it's very good :)

@sigon also CONTRIBUTE! the app StreetComplete is quick and easy for most users

@spudboy I had not seen StreetComplete before, it is quite nice.



Didnt know the StreetComplete app, looks good. I use JOSM, but any method is good. Thanks for the tip 😀

@sigon @mjjzf josm want loading right the other day for some reason

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