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Help us remember Opportunity, one of the greatest of all time. 

Tag thoughts and memories #ThanksOppy


To the robot who turned 90 days into 15 years of exploration: You were, and are, the Opportunity of a lifetime.

Rest well, rover. Your mission is complete.


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- lol lol lol
- ¿De qué te ríes?
- No me río, son cazas TIE
- >o<
- Pero no sufras, jo
- No sufro, es un Ala X para joderte, puto imperial
- ¡Escoria rebelde!
- >o< >o< >o< >o< >o<
- lol lol lol {-o-} lol lol lol

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The European car is parked 92% of the time. When the car is used, only 1.5 of its 5 seats
are occupied. Less than 20% of the total petroleum energy is translated into kinetic energy, and only 1/13 of that energy is used to transport people. As much as 50% of inner-city land is devoted to mobility (roads and parking spaces). But, even at rush hour, cars cover only 10 percent of the average European road.


8 hours of flight traffic over Europe animated. Looks quite busy, doesn't it? Animated with . Data from @flightradar24

Galileo satellites prove Einstein's Relativity Theory:

Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system – already serving users globally – has now provided a historic service to the physics community worldwide, enabling the most accurate measurement ever made of how shifts in gravity alter the passing of time, a key element of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.


Norwegian Ground Motion Service - - is live at !!
A textbook example of making @CopernicusEU data work for citizens, governments and society all together.

Entra en vigor zona de bajas emisiones en la que estará restringido el tráfico de vehículos, excepto residentes, transporte público, los vehículos de determinados colectivos necesarios para la vida del distrito y los menos contaminantes

The sensors on board take one image for each band so
there is a slight temporal offset between the images taken. This offset is corrected for ground level so objects on the ground appear as if taken by a single camera at the same time. The parralax error introduced by the altitude of the plane leads to this visible offset


More technical explanation about parallax effects on stackexchange:


For plane chasers
When we published imagery of the 🇮🇹 region after the torrential rains of end October, we did not notice this airplane flying over Venice, and the nice rainbow coloured-contrail


🛰 image acquired on 31/10 Processing by Angelina Bekasov

Cool Images of by the Sentinel Vision team.

As other archipelagoes of Macaronesia, Canary islands are thought to be the product of hotspots.

The Teide-Pico Viejo stratovolcano, at 3,718 m, is the highest peak on Spanish soil. Rising 7,500 m above the ocean floor, it is regarded as the world’s third-tallest volcanic structure.

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Seems like is a collaboration between Lockheed Martin & AWS to integrate the new AWS Ground Station service with Lockheed Martin’s new Verge antenna network.

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WOW!! AWS now have Ground Stations as a Service to command and control satellites, downlink & process satellite data on-demand.

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We are proud to have played our small part in InSight's #MarsLanding. Congratulations NASA!

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