politics cawthorn 

im well past any civility debate of whether its ok for someone who is closeted but publicly pushing for anti-lgbtq to be outed in order to stop them.

if all the eggs in the terf movement were outed we'd be a lot safer. so no fuck Cawthorn and his closet.


politics cawthorn 

i mean really if all the eggs in the terf movement figured out they're trans, we wouldnt have a terf movement.

politics cawthorn 

So yes today i will certainly be watching this news unfold while roasting marshmallows on the fire of this mans career pandering to qanon:

""The left has ripped away the pen of truth from the author of life. Theyve exchanged natural science for a party platform and declared war on biology.

Your leftwing movement is forcing children to endure radical expressions of sexuality and yet you cant even define what a woman is, you might have made the bill/ but you'll never amend biology. science is not burger king you cant just have it your way.

i am the youngest member of the house of representatives and i would never have imagined that one of my sacred duties in this hallowed chamber to explain to the speaker the differences between a man and a woman. Take note madam speaker, im about to define what a woman is for you: XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker - its so simple.

And yet today this proclamation of fundamental scientific fact will cause the woke liberals of Silicon Valley to strip you of your voice and ban you until you bow at their alter of falsehoods.

You and your party are living a lie.""

-Madison Cawthorn

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