there's a special sort of weird feeling that goes with playing Super Mario Bros 2

It's like hanging out with an alien pod person of your friend but in computer game form

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@siege It's because they reskinned an unrelated game (Doki Doki Panic) as a Mario game.

@sennomo @siege apparently it was the other way around, according to what i could find it was first developed with the intention of being a mario game, then it was changed and rebranded because of a deal with another company to become doki doki panic, and then it was rerebranded back to being mario by Nintendo of America

(Source because not enough people in comments bother to give any)

@eviedelta @siege Now I'm wondering where my old Nintendo Power magazines ended up. (Probably in the trash years ago.)

SMB2 is alien to the Mario franchise, it was a different game rebranded for western audiences. No wonder people notice how it's distinctly different.
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