my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

@siege hey I just noticed I have two arms, but they both have zero suckers on them. Should I see a doctor about this?

@meatpuppet @siege oh wait, I just noticed that there is one sucker attached to both of my tentacles 😛

@siege Great, now I don't know what "arm" means anymore. 🙃😆

@sindastra @siege arms are strong for manipulating objects (where legs are strong for locomotion) (but octopuses do walk on their arms so it's weird)

tentacles pretty much just pull food into the mouth, they're like a fleshy beard (sea anenomes and jellyfish have tentacles)

@siege This is awesome! Learned a lot from this chart. :)

@siege TIL that I was mistakenly call arms as tentacles.

@siege also on my arms I see zero suckers, I guess I have tentacles.

@siege so that appeared in my stream right before I was going to bed…

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