So i somehow managed to get my own paragraph of research quoted in The Guardian but its wrongly attributed to a UK trans charity.

I have become the shadowy trans activist spin doctor, working from beyond the veil.

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@siege Behold! The gris eminence! ^_^

(ISTR GI did post that, but not as original research - most likely, the writers missed that. I'm still waiting for the UK editorial leadership to apologise for that infamous editorial, but I'm not anticipating that being any time soon)

@porsupah Yeah, its a mess up on both ends, GI didn't make it clear it wasn't their own research and never bothered to clear it up or retweet my own post containing the info they pinched even after PinkNews wrongly attributed it to them several weeks ago.

@porsupah and its lazy of the Guardian to have not done deeper attribution than a twitter post that doesn't give any background to where the data is being pulled from

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