realised that because im a supremely disorganized person who has trouble with keeping track of things, then im exactly the person who SHOULD have stuff that helps keep things more organized.

put an organizer up on the wall for my keys, watch, cash card etc and damn if it hasn't helped me out a ton.


not sure how i got into the weird logic hole that only organized people get to have organizers

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@siege This is a big mood, though. I've been in the same logic hole, with the reasoning that I won't be able to keep the organiser organised because I'm disorganised.

@lilletale yes exactly same, i think what i found useful is that its part of my pattern already, like i put the organizer in the location that i normally am standing / sitting when im discarding those things from my pockets.

@siege I do the same with my organising tools. It took me ages to understand that I have to use them in ways that work for me, not the way others want them to work. When I use them where I need them they just magically ✨ work ✨

@siege People always compliment me on how organized I am. The only reason that I organize everything is because my brain is a mess, and without writing everything down and tracking it, it would be a disaster. 😂

@Cassiopeia12727 @siege same. i'm religious about computerized calendar use because otherwise i miss things!

@siege as an incredibly “disorganized” person (i usually know where things are in the giant mess), it’s always been more of an issue actually putting organization tools into habitual practice.

That said, I am always losing my walletskeysphone...😬. Cause yeah, I am also the kind of girl who a) sets her phone on top of the fridge for ??? reasons and b) i will also be like i am going to put X in safe place Y so I don’t freak out when I can’t find it, and then freak out 2 days later cause I forgot all about doing that.

@ItsJenNotGabby @siege
Oh? Have you also entered a [redacted] and found things surprisingly drifting towards [redacted], and dealing with the conflicting emotions and feelings around your own [redacted] Issues? Because that would be a wild coincidence 😂

@AudreyJune @siege Adam Savage recently mentioned a trick he learned just a few years ago, that I have started using to pretty good effect. When deciding where something new should live, or even putting something away, think "if I wanted this thing *right now* where would I look for it?" and then use the immediate, instinctual answer.

Works really well for me.

@siege and only people with an agenda get to have agendas.

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