instance block rec (redux) 

societal dot co continues to be filling up with Parler and Qanon accounts with no moderation intent, they have a Spiked account which posts far right Qanon conspiracy stuff continually and they are currently listed as the number 2 account on's "general" accounts sign up page list for new people.

They (Societal) are a very astroturfy UK clothing brand site that sells "progressive" clothing but also thin blue line clothing while also another branch of whoever is running them runs "Godinterest dot com" which is a Christian clothing site and congregation? vaguely anti-vax news site.

Their about page when talking about getting the "societal app on android" says to download the Gab app.

Their instance description lists them as "We champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online".


instance block rec (redux) pt2 

More evidence of Qanon / MAGA accounts from Societal dot co because last time i brought them up some admins contacted me to say they felt they were likely just a liberal instance and that they would contact them to check, haven't heard anything since and theres been no evidence of any change or moderation.

Also final pic for the sort of astroturf bot like accounts they have that are built to push their weird "buy our progressive stuff" brand but also pro trump and pulling their christian clothing GodInterest and societal together

(sorry for reupload spam, forgot to include the final pic)

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re: instance block rec (redux) pt2 

@siege it sucks to see leftists joining that instance as well

instance block rec (redux) pt2 

@siege thank you for sharing!

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