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awful day, but its 2am and i just found out windows 11 has an accessibility option to choose the RGB colour of your mouse cursor.

day is saved

In Peter Brooks "The Empty Space" Brook says that "shitposts on twitter can be good for the creative process actually"

if a critic doesnt give a star rating, does anyone care about the article?

Why dont you use apple/google pay >
what if my battery runs out?

so carry a bank card as well >
i do! so why am i using apple/google pay then?

"Geforce NOW requires an update"

yeah tell me about it.

too cloudy and too morning for moons here, the universes way of letting me off the cold moonwatching hook.

@siege i need a gleeful hyperpop song called "crypto crash" like, immediately

it CERTAINLY shouldnt sound like a catchy phrase that you want to chant with your hands balled up in fists as you pump them up and down gleefully jumping on your desk

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like if your entire model of success in your industry is built on people not wanting something to happen, its probably bad to have that thing be so fun to say when it does.

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the phrase crypto crash really sounds extra cool to me, like snowcrash but dialled up even further

so are NFTs basically the "nigerian prince" filtering so you get only easy marks?

(with the added benefit that people actually wear them digitally to identify themselves?)

Just watched But I'm A Cheerleader again, it's a new fav I think

i learnt i can cut pills up with scissors, which feels wrong.

just like when my girlfriend at the time taught me i could cut up pizza with scissors.

its just wrong, better, but wrong


anyway today im just angry at being asked continually to be quiet as a trans person about who you know is anti-trans because it wont help the Left if they get bogged down in 'middle class struggles' of trans rights.

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to back that last bit up with facts before anyone reading jumps to quick conclusions: Seamus Milne, Corbyns right hand man and PR guru, the guy who got him into power and kept him there has always been a pro-putin russia good, us bad academic

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