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>And in a statement posted on Wednesday, it said: "BoohooMAN condemn the use of homophobic language and confirm we will no longer be working with DaBaby.

Homophobia aside, this is a delightfully absurd sentence.

"my child came out to me as bisexual and i refuse to believe them, but of course if any of my children did come out to me as bisexual i would definitely believe them" says anon parent in the Telegraph

Super Mario Bros 

But if you were a kids in the 80s/90s not in Japan, you grew up being taught a different story by the Mario games.

Super Mario Bros 1 was still a world carefully built to teach you the same supportive lesson

Super Mario Bros 2 however was like meeting four friends and then realising they're pod people wearing masks to look like your friends. Absolutely nothing is right, its all a fever dream. You're not Luigi, these aren't things Luigi would do, why are you so into gardening and what is this place WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY FRIENDS, shh no dont shout that, keep it cool, play their sick game, dont let them know you're on to them, why are we making me throw eggs at that trans dinosaur? Who's that mouse and why does he get to be so cool? Keys? Turnips? Bombs? these aren't mario things oh god when will this nightmare end.

Super Mario Bros 3 was then a lesson in being gaslit that shhhh shhhhh its ok, there there, it was all a dream, it wasn't even a real see? Real Mario is back now, its all better and back to normal look, even though you do look and ALL the people from that nightmare are now just casually hanging around in normal Mario games as if they've always been there and you're the one who is wrong and Birdetta, that trans dinosaur will now get wheeled out every once in a while when the world of women's Mario sports needs menacing.

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Super Mario Bros 

If you were a kid in Japan in the 80s, you grew up being taught a story by the Mario games.

Super Mario Bros 1 was a world carefully built to teach you fundamentals and awareness while making you feel clever and to help you accomplish your goal and feel the hero.

Super Mario Bros 2 (The Lost Levels) was a lesson to say: but the world isn't going to help you be that hero, in fact it will often work against you and youll have to fight for it; with the designers flat out bullying you and showing you that they decide when you get to feel good in this world - that fluidity and power you felt in Super Mario Bros 1 was only because they allowed it. It was a lesson that you will have to really strive to accomplish your goals, a lesson of super high work ethic and commitment.

Super Mario Bros 3 was a lesson in flying and pretending like all the trauma and bullying of Super Mario Bros 2 wasn't a thing, what are you talking about silly.

there's a special sort of weird feeling that goes with playing Super Mario Bros 2

It's like hanging out with an alien pod person of your friend but in computer game form

well i've heard what cumslut69 has to say on Columbo and im sad to say they failed to make a quip about how Columbo will leave you a quivering mess because he has the uncanny ability to keep on coming back for just one more thing

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death of the author? more like la petit mort de l'auteur

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"Teasing definitely happens because Columbo can pick up when you're needing him, although you swear up and down you don’t have those kinds of tells. Yet somehow he always seems to know when you need an extra bit of attention- his hand stroking your back, giving your thigh a light squeeze, and even a little smack on the backside when he can get away with it. It drives you mad because he’ll act like nothing happened while giving you a big goofy grin."

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a friend finally explained AO3 to me and now im learning true facts about Columbo from someone called cumslut69

To really get to grips with what its like to be a trans woman, we go now live to our reporter in the field a person who met one once.

"What Does It Mean To Be Transfeminine?"
written by a not transfeminine person

continually refers to trans women as transwomen.

good job

trying to fight my natural trans girl urges (learning how to lockpick)

little known fact but The Handmaid's Tale started off as star trek s/k mpreg fic

Kirk being assigned Ofspock to his commander

Handmaid's Tale 

Yes this is definitely terrifying

Oh wait its erotica

Oh wait its omegaverse

Columbo Onceler who solves the sex murders committed by all the Greedlers.

Hi! Please sign my petition calling for Nazi Germany to stop its annexation of Austria thanks!!

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