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the same people who run Star Trek Online also run the D&D MMO "Neverwinter" and i just feel its a missed opportunity in Star Trek Online that you cant walk into a holodeck and suddenly you're playing the Neverwinter MMO

just realising Joe Rogan and Dana White are not in fact the same person

so where's the second half where Norman Reedus tricks the machines to join him in a giant hallucinatiory hyper colourful world where he runs around naked with them chasing him and learning human emotion and the ability to make choices

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wait so hang on, Death Stranding was just a rip of that one short in the Animatrix with 'Baby' who can sense the Machines are near

Also check out what they now say about support they can offer trans patients who are waiting upwards of perhaps 20 years:


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Hey check it out!

The Tavistock London NHS UK Adult Gender Clinic has added some cool new granular data to its waiting times webpage!

Its super depressing!

Mullis PCR Tests - HIV/Aids Denialism 

Interesting tidbit that i found out while debunking my friend today is that the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis was a firm denialist against HIV causing AIDS and his views heavily influenced Thabo Mbeki's governmental policies in South Africa from 1998 to 2008 leading to an estimated 330,000 preventable deaths.

He died in August 2019 from Pneumonia. just short of seeing his views on his own PCR tests and their usage for HIV testing be attributed wrongly by anti-vaxers to claim that they dont work and can't detect Covid-19

anti-vax friend - way too far gone 

for those wondering, "the facts" were "its just a strong flu"

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Why doesn't Siege, the soberest of the friends in the bacherlor party group chat simply eat the other friends

not like this was a giant glaring issue with second wave feminism that ruined a lot of femmes and butches lives.

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"everyone can just be a man" is not the galaxy-brain destroying the gender binary idea people think it is.

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every once in a while people suggest the best thing to do is get rid of female coded words and just go with male coded words.

"lets get rid of actress, and everyone can an actor."

why dont we get rid of actor and everyone can be an actress? oh because that makes a lot of people uncomfortable? funny that.

"Was thinking about you this morning."

"We need to stay focused and vigilant. We are lazy and disorganized."

Ok tv show pitch: Transformers Babies

its about the make believe magical adventures that Laserbeak, Rumble, Ravage, Ratbat, Frenzy and Buzzsaw get up to while hanging out together inside Soundwave

do all the cassette transformers living inside soundwave chat to each other while they're chilling in there do you think?

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