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the kids are alright

the kids are something, alright

So i somehow managed to get my own paragraph of research quoted in The Guardian but its wrongly attributed to a UK trans charity.

I have become the shadowy trans activist spin doctor, working from beyond the veil.

'β€œI don’t need to think about politics all the time,' said the Cambridge-educated millionaire."

Whoever is writing for PinkNews really manages to slide in stunningly good lines.

what happens to the dogs who are trained to detect weed?

are they all getting sent to the states that havent legalised?

question about HRT patches 

Does anyone have knowledge on the mechanics behind transdermal estradiol patches?

Mainly im trying to find out whether fat plays a role in its functioning. Everywhere i can find just seems to say absorbed throug hthe skin to bloodstream - and that you should place on your lower stomach, thighs or ass - but a study ive found from 2000 says that the ass was found to have 125% bioavailability compared to the lower stomach so im guessing that fat must play some role?

its an exciting and emotional time to be a Miami Dale fan.

not sure how i got into the weird logic hole that only organized people get to have organizers

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realised that because im a supremely disorganized person who has trouble with keeping track of things, then im exactly the person who SHOULD have stuff that helps keep things more organized.

put an organizer up on the wall for my keys, watch, cash card etc and damn if it hasn't helped me out a ton.

pick up wrapped item, see two clear plastic tabs coming out from the middle of the wrapping, think huh! must be a clever way to open this, grab each tab with a hand and pull in opposite direction, tabs fall off item, item falls on the floor still wrapped.


but also because it just raises the ante for corruption if you're gonna put into the pot the idea that you think "underwear" is too naughty to say out loud.

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as if "wear" was the naughty word that needed to be censored in all this.

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i do enjoy when someone refers to women's underwear as "ladies underthings" cos that definitely does the opposite of what they intended

Maryann Lookbook 'Cybill' 

interesting fact, the character Maryann was based on Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous who was in turn based on the gorgeous Amanda Lear. so its a specific trans woman Femme power style.

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Maryann Lookbook 'Cybill' 

Just idly enjoying rediscovering my first real introduction to femme as a kid.

thinking of watching all of Cybill and doing a Maryann lookbook.

Superstore is just the dead reanimated corpse of Brooklyn 99 being worn by an algorithm trying to write scripts

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i have a weird fascination with tv shows that's premise and plots were almost definitely written by a computer algorithm.

Designated Survivor

What if we were girls and we kissed under the MSNBC Decision 2024 Chyron 3 months into 2021

Day of Joy 


Fox is being Sued for 1.6 billion

Terfs are pissed that the Bell case has been neutered

Cops are no longer immune in NYC


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