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Thank you for coming to my Ted2 watch party

or maybe we have talked about this an i forgot, it was a while ago but im still getting flashbacks to the idea of needing a chess knife.

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the one thing i dont see spoken about with Queens Gambit is how brilliant the costume design for Benny Watts was.

This is the most chess playing nerdiest idea of cool ive ever seen and i love how much everyone just goes along with it.

"but yo don't get it twisted
not "bad" meaning bad but "bad" meaning "the shit", kid. and get that one straight, too
not "the shit" meaning the shit, but "the shit" meaning great, dude
stupendous, tremendous, excellent, tight, super smooth, ultimate
better than alright, superior, supreme, perfect, and treasured
these adjectives carefully measured
to ensure that you understood
that in other words: I'm good"

also Escape From LA probably has one of the better trans women characters of the 90s.

She's beautiful, she's a badass, she gets to fly around in a bulletproof handglider and isn't a joke.

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Escape from LA is better
than Escape From NY.

well today has been a fun day to not comment and now im going to just drink this litre of chocolate milk.

tried to work my way through my remaining opened video tabs from shortest to longest to try and fix this ADD workflow and all thats happened is i now have 9 video windows paused and open.

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oh dont mind me, im just doing my normal daily half hour of looking closely at Katherine Ryan and being incredibly confused that she's straight.

well i think ive managed my all time record of 7 paused mid-show video streams / tv / films in tabs that i was definitely interested in and was coming back to after a wee break or getting some food

every night i carefully apply a special blend of pure essential and botanical oils to my orbital bone in a patting motion so as to carefully avoid it getting in my eye, and then proceed to rub it right into my eye for the next hour and squinting in pain.

ah femme beauty.

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[hearing light shuffling noise through the wall]

god, i hope that's a squirrel in the crawlspace and not someone moving in to the apartment next to me.

[hearing the sound of a power drill through the wall]

god, i hope the bed frame that squirrel is assembling is quiet and i don't have to constantly hear them fucking.

idk, maybe its just me but it seems kiiiindaaaa weeeeiiird no ones particularly up in arms about the sudden usage of pronouns to define gender rather than say to just denote your pronouns and not at all your gender which ive heard plenty of people say over the last couple of years

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quietly watching "a non-binary person" evolve into "a they/them" in usage online and.. well its defining a positive rather than a negative which i can get behind but .. are there they/thems who have xe/xer pronouns?

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There's a place in Turkey called the Burj Al Babas and it looks like someone went hog wild with copy and paste on a small castle `

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