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I tried five stripes instead of six and made it more pastel-y. Which one do you prefer? :)

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bi/pan joke 

Aggro Toot über Tastatur Layouts, All Caps 

»Und der Knast in unsren Köpfen ist die Urne für die Asche die übrig bleibt« 😞

Seit ich auf Mastodon bin merke ich erst wie unfassbar scheisze es ist, dass Twitter kein CN System hat.

Stop using "He" pronouns for God challenge 2020

There is no "LGBT community", just queer partners in crime.

anti-queer violence, Israel, Palestine 

Goose Game Pride avatars, free to use, link to Twitter 

COVID-19, art, books 

lewd, cis men, funny 

Counter Strike, looking for team-mates 

COVID-19, suicide, self-harm, prevention 

Reminder for women and enbies about men 

YouTube, copyright, LOL? 

"Forever trans, I wanna be forever trans. Do you really wanna be cisgender? Forever and ever..."

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