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So BT said the earliest they can come is tomorrow morning 8-1...which corresponds almost exactly to 48 hours from the report, or the longest they can leave it without having to issue refunds. But that's the earliest they can possibly do it.

People who've never seen masto, hating on it til you've dealt with your pants,

Landline still fubar. Phone is out, data unstable (up and down faster than an uppy-downy thing in a lift). Data rate keeps on synchronising slower and slower... And still no sign of BT OpenGrief to fix it.

Bah, I know it's but even so, it's bloody annoying.

Landline is out at home, so feeling rather disconnected right now.

Just so you know, if I follow you, you're cute. If you're cute and I don't follow you, you must be doing something wrong...

Just saw my first Christmas 2018 TV ad... It was creepy AF and strangely addictive. Fun!

Just so you lot know, I only follow cuties.

A bad night last night. My foot was in pain due to TITS¹ which is both painful and not easily fixed... :(

¹ Trans Ingrowing Toenail Syndrome

In other news, we had snow last night. The sort of snow that could bring most of England to a complete standstill. I've not seen the news, but I expect road closures, cancelled trains and flights, food shortages and riots in Aldi.

Of course, I spent my childhood in the Welsh Valleys in the '70s so a millimetre of snow is nothing to me.

Did I ever mention that I hate computers?

If I didn't need them to play games, watch twitch streams, shitpost on the intarwebz and talk to people, and use apps, and write code and stuff, I'd never use one!

In other news, I still haven't worked out why I'm awake.

For the record I'm still sleepy this morning and my humour circuits have not yet come online. Please don't expect anything funny from me for at least another hour (or for ever, depending on your point of view)

Morning Mastopeeps and Plerotypes...
Have you donated any genders today?

Is it just me, or is the latest Tusky nightly build uncharacteristically unstable? I mean I know it's a nightly build, but it's usually better than this...
Profile media tab causes crash, looking at the known bugs list causes a crash...

So for the last 2 weeks, I've been watching a live stream on twitch of Classic Dr Who... from Hartnell onwards... Today, they go to the 5th Doctor, Peter Davidson... I lasted about 40 minutes before turning off as my brain started to seep down my chin like drool... Gawds that man is boring!
I mean not all the first 4 were what one could call high art, but at least they were entertaining... Davidson is the first of the bad ones... who resulted in it being cancelled for more than 10 years.


New from Fediverse Products Ltd., Shitposts As A Service

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