@Quinntessential @loki You're both on my timeline, therefore by definition, you both must be cute. QED

@jacethechicken Sounds a lot like a more welcoming version of London Gatwick to be fair.

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@mal @lynnesbian to be honest I'm surprised more people don't self host. It's not hard to do, and Lynne has been more than helpful the very few times there have been issues.

@psxbunny Sorry I'm not great with US law, but this should be pretty universal...

@psxbunny Personally, I'd 1st see a lawyer (a cheap one will suffice or maybe a CAB person) to determine that the place is no longer fit for habitation, then with that in hand, withhold payment until your landperson restores basic amenities,

After that you can consider reclaiming rent for past instances where you believe you've overpaid.

I know it's easy for someone far away to say,but don't let them do this to you. make a payment thing here I guess, and people might help

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Just got misgendered for the first time in a lot of years, on the doorstep buy a fucking double glazing salesdroid. Scum!

@NuclearTess Yeah, it's left rather nebulous... which is of course a good thing. I guess they can play it how they like. Do the comics say anything? - I've not read.
Of course, Klaus isn't the only one rejecting "traditional gender roles"โ„ข, just the most obvious.

@NuclearTess it's certainly the case that were he (they?) real, then there would be an attached mastodon account.

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