To all my followers,
I would like to invite a number of you to a "by internet" rpg.
Im starting a game with @geekylou set in Middle Earth using Rolemaster FRP and Spacemaster.
The theme will involve time travel, cross-world games and a mix of magic and tech.
I have done this before, but it was 20 or 30 years ago so I'm out of practice. New ideas are welcome.
Please contact me by DM if interested. (1/*>0)


@geekylou I'm not as young as most of you so take that into account before applying, especially if your role play has a sexual component . I'm 50, and my partner is 40. This might or might not matter.
The game will be played as best arranged. Email, tabletop or virtual depending where people are based. (2/*)

@geekylou if you don't know the system but are interested, thats fine. I can deal with statistics. If you have ideas and can read the pdfs i send, we'll be fine.

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