if ONLY there was a smart man out there on the fediverse to explain #Linux and #FOSS to me, a simple minded woman

@lynnesbian yes, especially if she is adorable and is going to sit me down and explain to me all the computer things and then give me a smooch~

@CornishRepublicanArmy i'm so glad i know what your voice sounds like, because reading this in your voice makes it even cuter

@lynnesbian I made lots of weird cute Lucy noises when I read that... also, you sound super adorable and I read everything you say in your voice

@lynnesbian well... if only there was a series of actions you and I could do that would produce a lot of involuntary Lucy noises


@CornishRepublicanArmy @lynnesbian +1 votes for a YouTube or twitch series... "The Lynne and Lucy Show"

@shivvi @lynnesbian a show of Lynne and I, with our mutual girlfriend, would be an interesting and adorably gay show

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