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Does anyone else note the irony in the fact that Britain's Labour Party is now being led by someone with a knighthood?

Day 23 of the flour famine... How the hell am I supposed to make bread?

We are living, as pTerry would have put it, in interesting times.

So with the unavailability of toilet rolls right now, why aren't freebie newspapers being delivered pre-perforated for easy preparation?

With everyone being asked to isolate themselves if they have the slightest cold/fever/hot flush; I'm surprised shops haven't sold out of batteries!

I don't know if anyone here would be interested, but it looks like Autostraddle are looking for a part time trans editor. Details if you are.

Why does Duolingo not understand English?

So, Happy New Year friends...
Why is it that after three weeks learning German with Duolingo, the best phrase I have learned so far is "Ich bin eine kartoffel"? I mean, with that in hand, what else do I need to know?

Just watched season 2 of Carole And Tuesday. Very cute!

We're watching a movie called "King Arthur" on netflix. Has to be the worst adaption since "First Knight". Its more like Robin Hood than Arthur Pendragon. 0/10.

I know it's a bit late but do any of my (or @geekylou's) mutuals in the Cambridge area want a pack of vegetarian pigs-in-blankets that we bought in error? Contact one of us for details if you do.

I've been learning German with Duolingo... I don't know much but I can say "Ich bin eine kartoffel!"... What else is there to know?

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