Callout to roleplayers between games. See my previous toot. Terfs and mras need not apply.

@geekylou if you don't know the system but are interested, thats fine. I can deal with statistics. If you have ideas and can read the pdfs i send, we'll be fine.

@geekylou I'm not as young as most of you so take that into account before applying, especially if your role play has a sexual component . I'm 50, and my partner is 40. This might or might not matter.
The game will be played as best arranged. Email, tabletop or virtual depending where people are based. (2/*)

To all my followers,
I would like to invite a number of you to a "by internet" rpg.
Im starting a game with @geekylou set in Middle Earth using Rolemaster FRP and Spacemaster.
The theme will involve time travel, cross-world games and a mix of magic and tech.
I have done this before, but it was 20 or 30 years ago so I'm out of practice. New ideas are welcome.
Please contact me by DM if interested. (1/*>0)

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Blog Post 

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Morning everyone. Hope nobody was left stuck in London or elsewhere after yesterday's power shenanigans.

You know... some people in their 30s, even 40s or 50s are STILL wearing a gender their parents picked out for them when they were children. That's like wearing underwear your parents bought you...

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They are like the third most incompetant crew ever (after Archer's Enterprise crew who let ferengi strip out almost the whole ship from under them and Janeway's Voyager crew got stranded when their ship was taken).

So we're watching "Another Life" on Netflix, and they've just landed on an Earth Like World to find food and water... And they didn't check for predators. Its not even the first time aliens tried to kill them...

Cooler today in Cambridge... 29ยฐC instead of the 39 we had yesterday. Slept badly though pillows and mattress soaked with sweat... Ugh so tired this morning...

So uh like... G'morning everyone. May your day (or night) be filled with rainbows, glitter, cuddles (if desired), collars and cat ears

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Someone please send me a big bag of motivation. I'm all out.

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