Not having a good day here. I just want to get out of this damned country.

Uk pol 

uk pol 

I has voted!
If the wrong person wins, its not my fault!

uk pol, weather 

Uk pol, fallout4 

Uk Pol 

Uk Pol 

Uk Pol 

So, HP SSDs die after 4 years do they?

So much of Blade Runner now becomes clear...

Feeling like crap today. Shivvering, headaches, dehydrated... Eyes burning...

there is a kitten-shaped lump under this blanket. click to look underneath 

Election Time!

My analysis of the lead-up the the UK General Election next month. All views my own, of course.

So, it seems that gender reveal parties are popular these days, especially among cishet types. My question though is different.
How often is a trans person permitted to have a gender reveal party? Is it more like a birthday that one can only have once a year (twice if you identify as a queen¹), or is it more like a Sunday that you can have every week? Or does it depend on where on the trans/sexuality spectra one is? I just don't know...

¹ or The Queen anyway.

Papers are getting all hyperbolic over a few days of rain in Northern England saying there are floods of "biblical proportions". Umm, I remember that one being 40 days and nights of rain...

Funny thing is, in certain parts of South Wales, instead of a rainbow, 40 days and night of rain is labeled a "dry spell" and leads to a hosepipe ban.

What we need is a Jenga reveal party... Or for the politically inclined, a gender repeal party...


Do slime girls need a new generation of eggs.

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