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Day 28

The chillis are now a month old, and today was the first changing of water and pump cleaning. They appear to be growing well.


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Day 18

Two and a half weeks in and all the pots have at least one plant growing now, some have two. There's one that's far behind, and still has a plastic mini-greenhouse over it, but that should come off tomorrow or Sunday when the leaves start to properly spread out.


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Day 7

Just a quickie to note that on day 7 of trying to grow chilli plants hydroponically, I have noticed sprouting in 2 of the Cayennes. It's very difficult to see what's going on under the growing caps there, so there might be movement in some of the others, but I don't want to disturb them yet to find out. I will update as and when I see any changes.


It's 3 pm on Dec 31st (where I am at least) so it's fair to say I've managed to survive 2020. Only 9 more hours to go and I'm planning to avoid the outside world.
Here's hoping that all the rest of you have survived it, at least mostly intact, and further that 2021 is an improvement (though it may not seem that way as things are right now).

So it is begun. The Yule ham is now in the slow cooker with carrots, pale ale and spices. It'll be in there all day now, hopefully giving the kitchen a nice seasonal aroma.

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Star Wars: Squadrons – First Impressions

I got a copy of Star Wars: Squadrons yesterday. It has teething issues, a lot of them, but if you can get past them, it does seem rather fun to play...

When a trans, or especially a non binary person comes out, shouldn't they be allowed a Gender Repeal Party?

Good morning everyone, and remember on this international arachnid-visibility month, to be kind to your local spider poppulation. Maybe invite them in for a cup of tea and some flies, or offer them employment in web design...

Google Play Music used to be hands down, the best music player available for Android, and was pretty good on a PC too.

Its replacement, YouTube Music continues the tradition for being hands down, the best... advertisement for Spotify on any platform.

What fun, we have a broken boiler in the loft. No hot water til it's fixed :(

the state of people bringing up fucked over coal communities across britain to support fascist politics in 2020, as though it wasn't British fascism that fucked them over to begin with.

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NONE of these people even know about what England did at Tryweryn*, or the tragedy at Aberfan**.

* A welsh community, Capel Celyn, was forcefully evacuated and drowned in order to create a reservoir to serve England.

** The Aberfan disaster was a 1966 coal tip collapse due to National Coal Board negligence, which fell down a mountain directly on top of a school and its surrounding buildings in the small community of Aberfan. 116 children and 28 adults died. The NCB got away scot free.

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seeing more english people scapegoating impoverished welsh valley communities to disprove white privilege and i'm ready to tear my fucking hair out, YOUR country did this to US, you have no right to use us like this

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