I am now fully Vaxed... I have to go back next week to have VMS installed... Not looking forward to that tbh.

Sweden... It's a TUNE... But is it ? The chorus might well save you... But should it, really?

Norway's answer to Brian Cox... and equally forgettable

The Azerbaijan entry is very Azerbaijani... Same as every other entry... Not bad... But she forgot her thigh boots too.

France... Sigh... A competitor for the UK entry... Last? Or last but one?

Ukraine after the queer crown too. Russia won't like it... Hot!

Lithuania's pretty good actually. I don't know but we might have a winner.

Finland... Advertising this year's aftershave brand...

Moldova always has a catchy tune... She forgot her thigh boots though...

I won't say Spain's entry is forgettable but... Era, what was I talking about again?

Who are you and what have you done with the real Iceland?

Greece is very shiny, and very purple. This is not a problem.

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