going to get attacked by any cats in the crowd chasing those laser pointers... +1 for robots tho...

seems a little um mainstream this year... Not the best so far.

Only 20 minutes to Eurovision ... tick tick tick

Good [Morning|Afternoon|Evening] Everyone. Not long to #Eurovision :eurovision:? Don't forget "Only a cis deals in absolutes"

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Brexit (sorry for mentioning it) has made me a bit kinky... taking a piss inside someone's head...

Today I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Today I am completely exhausted. As well as grass, which is enough, there are tree and bush saplings from the surrounding area.

Hard work is hard, and Shivvi is not... :(

So St. Ives, the town where we live has a lot of feline residents. @geekylou asked out of the blue today (probably having seen something on t'interwebs - maybe cat pics) how many cats are there in St Ives...

I answered 2,744.

Anyone want to guess why?

Remember, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a hyena and moves like an octopus....

Then, it'll probably give you nightmares.

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First thing I knew of today being TDoV was when we were walking to the Supermarket and someone said Good Morning to us... I was like what? They saw us! Shit, it's not TDoV already is it?

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