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<-- is now available on Signal and Riot for anyone who needs/wants to know.

I was tidying up some old papers yesterday that were all bundled in boxes a move or so back, when I found a map of Propast (city in Dreamfall Chapters) and it got me wondering why there are no similar games today?

The Dreamfall series (Longest Journey - Dreamfall - Chapters) was my fave for a long time. And now, even Life Is Strange has left the path of awesomeness (the new one just never grabbed me)...

Any ideas?

So, wishing any Fallout 4 players a happy Nick Valentine's day... Well, its always been a synthetic holiday after all.

I only just noticed that has been down for about 4 hours... Anyone else notice, or know what's going on over there?


Anyone in the Cambridge/Huntingdon area wants to help me test out the second expansion of Exploding Kittens please let me know. LGBTQIA+ preferred.

Expanse season 3 on Amazon Prime (UK). My weekend is complete.

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So, I want to dye my hair... I have lightener, I have colour (Schwarzkopf 94 Purple), but I don't have the motivation... Anyone got any spare motivation for me?

Morning everyone, its pissing down outside.

When I crush on people, they really get crushed... I need to lose weight...

Wishing @geekylou a happy birfday today, and hoping it's at least warmer in work than it is outside... (-5°C by my phone).

I'd suggest everyone gives the usual boosts, but she doesn't post often enough to get boosted 😋

So BT said the earliest they can come is tomorrow morning 8-1...which corresponds almost exactly to 48 hours from the report, or the longest they can leave it without having to issue refunds. But that's the earliest they can possibly do it.

People who've never seen masto, hating on it til you've dealt with your pants,

Landline still fubar. Phone is out, data unstable (up and down faster than an uppy-downy thing in a lift). Data rate keeps on synchronising slower and slower... And still no sign of BT OpenGrief to fix it.

Bah, I know it's but even so, it's bloody annoying.

Landline is out at home, so feeling rather disconnected right now.

Just so you know, if I follow you, you're cute. If you're cute and I don't follow you, you must be doing something wrong...

Just saw my first Christmas 2018 TV ad... It was creepy AF and strangely addictive. Fun!

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