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games, zelda (spoilers) 

Finally people can stop calling it BotW 2! TotK here we come!

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What tone indicators are you familiar with?

It seems to me that /s (sarcasm) is the only one used somehow regularly, but maybe I’m simply in circles that haven’t really got used to others.

Are there other indicators I can adopt with some confidence to be understood?

(I am aware of the masterlists, my question is about how frequent their use actually is.)

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So. something just occurred to me and I may need to do research to find out if it was intentionally.

The tl;dr is: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Venture presents Joan of Arc very closely to what historic records indicate which is … baffling.

Joan of Arc was transmasc. This is fact. They were burned at the stake for exactly that reason. Records indicate that they presented in masc armor with short black hair. All the art since then that depicts them as highly femme with long flowing hair is flat out wrong and often propaganda. The only time one can legitimately depict Joan as femme is as a child and at their death when they were forced into that garb.

And while I know that they tried to be somewhat historically accurate in B&T (except lincoln’s voice), it is baffling to me that that movie in that time managed to do as good a job of getting Joan of Arc’s presentation as correct as they did.

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As expected, bigots are coming out of the woodwork with the same tired racism.

If you haven't already, de-fed with gamelibertyDOTclub.

I'm sure there will be more today, so I'll drop the URLs as they come int.

food as novelty, possibly disgusting (post is not graphic) 

So... I've had this can of SPAM for maybe close to 20 years, which I've kept as a novelty, never having opened it (big mistake, I was a teen back then!).
I got it back then because it's not a brand/product we get where I live, but somehow they had it in stock at the supermarket (I've never seen it being sold ever since); for me, being a nerdy kid, that was quite the find! It's SPAM!

Today I randomly grabbed it from the shelf to see when it had expired (July 2008 for the curious) and noticed that it had some very slight dry white-ish flakes on the bottom seam, on top of some surface rust on the lid. Out of an abundance caution, I tossed it in the bin.
And no, the can never smelled of anything!

Please don't judge me too hard! :blobcat_ohnoes:

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Hey folks,

Sorry to ask but we're disabled and our apartment, especially our bedroom, is really insanitary and it's getting worse with time. The walls are rotting and so are our belongings.

When we wash clothes it starts rotting after like 2 days if we don't wear it so we have to wear the same ones all the time.

We need to buy boxes to protect our clothes and books mostly + get a sack truck to get rid off some rotten furniture asap.

Please boost, thanks for any help!

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transphobia, racism, kiwifarms, anti-"woke", loli, free speech, claims covid conspiracy people are victims of censorship, SJWs should be shot etc etc etc

instance here

warnings for all kinds of awful bigoted stuff in the images!

bad post here (image 1)
bad post here (image 2)
awful bigoted essay here also - the whole website should be blocked

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money (-), urgent help needed 

I had a mental health crisis at the end of last month after I left my abusive family home. I am recovering, I am slowly working again, but I've got a long commission queue to get through while still not feeling 100% and I've got to get £350 for bills ready by the end of the week plus being able to pay for food this week.

It's quite likely i'm not going to be able to make it in my own. If you have anything to spare I'd really appreciate it:

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Posting publicly for someone

fediblock, looks like kiwifarms shit


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doom 2016 (which means blood, gore, and demons from hell) 

i dont get paid enough to work here

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Here's a new kind of commission I've done - I was asked to redesign the icon for Tusky (, the open source Android Mastodon client, based on their mascot.

This redesign includes a themed icon for Android 13+ and a cute new notification icon ^^

It's not in the app yet, but it will be soon!

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Hello everyone

Need to get moving, literally, back overseas to finish studies, and could really use the help. Crossposting, boosting, donating, sharing, all the ways help.

Im so grateful to everyone who has done so already, thank you, you've kept me from losing it!

There's lots of fedi tools that I've helped create,(fediblock) so if you use them pls consider a donation


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request for network equipment suggestions 

I've got a Ubiquiti triplet of devices (router, switch, and access point) and I'm kinda fed up with them and want to move to something with preferably more portable config

so, if you've got something that doesn't require multiple layers of non-standard software to configure that also runs well, I'd love to know

would also prefer something with passthrough PoE that doesn't require multiple adapters to feed all three devices (thanks, ubiquiti, for not being compatible between even your own products)

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gods DAMN
and this happens with EVERYTHING, i have no idea how i'm supposed to ask a neutral question without someone imprinting some kind of emotional charge or demand into it
RT @_OneAutistic_
Wow, this is the most perfect description of this problem I've come across. #ActuallyAutistic

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Keep in mind the hopelessness you feel at times is the desired result of the capitalist society we exist in, so we don't fight it.

Every act we do, from calling it out to housing unhoused people and creating sustainable methods to how we feed each other, matters.

We are limiting ourselves if we fight how bigots fight.

And there are more of us than them.

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