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So here's my top 10 for this semi-final 2 of , once again according to my terrible scoring system:

1. Serbia
2. Czechia
3. Australia
4. San Marino
5. Romania
6. Ireland
7. Finland
8. Sweden
9. Belgium
10. Israel

Which... yeah fair, no surprised here. The rest scored either with a poor performance or a song I don't care about.
Once again, I'm just bracing for the voting segment to correct me.

That's a daring thing to do with David's statue, in Italy of all places!

Someone wake up the sleeping lad in the audience

These overlay SFX are just so cheap and do nothing to help the performance... 🙄

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do you listen to #eurovision songs beforehand?

Andrea looks so upset, which is understandable given what her broadcaster put her through... :/ She's singing quite well despite that.

I had to dock 10 points off circus mircus because of the red/cyan flashing... weird choice :/

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EuroFediLeague (FantaEurovision) results after the 1st semifinal 

Nuno-Miguel and coryoon, I can't find your Mastodon/Fediverse handles, if you have one.

Please let me know yours if you want, so I can tag everybody when the results are updated!

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global abortion laws 

Hope some people pushing back on the attack on abortion in the u.s. keep in mind that birthing autonomy is an intersectional privilege on a global level. Just like there are many people in the u.s. whose access to free & safe abortion (& pregnancy) has never really existed, there are even more people worldwide who don't have these things even on paper - & in many cases the u.s., nato, & five eyes send hundreds of millions of dollars a year to these governments. This also means that there are many people who have been fighting back under incredibly repressive conditions who deserve equal support & attention

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Why call it pounds sterling when you can call it britcoin?

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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need financial help, kinda urgent, please boost 

Hello, I’ve had an unexpected expense to make and while I’m all caught up on my bills, I’m going to be all out of money for food for the rest of the month until I run out of what I currently have :/

Around 250€ would be comfortable for me to make it to the next month.

If you can and want to donate a bit of money, don’t hesitate because any amount helps!


Ko-fi (accepts card via stripe)

And if you can’t, boosts go a long way.
Thank you ❤️

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