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Finally got on Telegram! @ljames was too busy to make me stickers so I aped their style as best I could and made my own. These are so fun to draw!

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

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🇵🇹 Portugal, política, carta-aberta contra o "modelo nórdico", criminalização do trabalho sexual, migração, polícia, boosts e assinaturas bem-vindas, Google form 

Foi introduzido um Projeto de Lei na Assembleia da República para a implementação do modelo nórdico em Portugal, que criminaliza os clientes de trabalho sexual e organização deste trabalho, bem como força imigrantes para trabalho sexual a cooperarem com as autoridades.

Carta-aberta e recolha de assinaturas:

Instagram do Movimento dxs Trabalhadorxs do Sexo:


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Portugal politics, link to open letter against “Nordic model”, criminalization of sex work, migration, police, signing and boosts welcome, Google form 

I just can tell second hand but in Portugal there is a bill in Congress at the moment that is based on the Nordic model (criminalize clients and brothels etc.) plus forces migrant undocumented sex workers to cooperate with the police.

The letter and signing form:

The Instagram account of the group behind the open letter:

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long covid, positive info, vaccine 

Hey, it’s not news but I only just heard about it, so here’s a small PSA:

If you’re suffering a case of "long covid" with lasting symptoms, you can still get vaccinated, and in fact you only need a single shot from mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) like everybody else who has had covid before getting vaccinated.

The good news is that there are numerous people (more than half of the people polled) who report an attenuation of their long covid symptoms:

Here’s a testimony in French from someone who say they nearly fully recovered after getting the vaccine:

And in any case, if you aren’t yet and don’t know if you want to, getting vaccinated is never a bad idea, given that it also protects against variants.

hot take, games, mentions food 

Oh the great disappointment of finding that a Mahjong-branded game is Riichi Mahjong and not Solitaire Mahjong... it's like finding that a cookie has raisins in it instead of chocolate chips.

(You're welcome to keep my share of both Riichi Mahjong AND raisin cookies!)

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a plea to users 

I strongly urge people who are on to find another instance, because the instance clearly is not being moderated the way it should be. A lot of the fediverse has had enough.

A lot of instances and individuals are blocking it because of a persistent fascist problem, one that other instance admins have to clean up, because they aren't doing their jobs at until someone mentions that "hey y'all aren't moderating anything anymore over there, are you?"

The fascists have figured out is too big to block and poorly moderated, so they're taking advantage of the situation.

It's a matter of time before admins have enough of this. Many already have.

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"I'm not into body shaming, but...."

This sentence had better end in "I'm trying to work on removing the impulse altogether and becoming a better person."

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boost this poll

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COVID Vaccinations in the UK, something helpful I found 

You can check if there's better appointments through the NHS vaccination site. They'll show you what the earliest appointments are before letting you confirm to rebook, so you know if you can actually get an earlier one or not:

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COVID Vaccinations in the UK, something helpful I found 

There may be increased vaccination appointment availability in your area, I was able to successfully bump up my second vaccination appointment (which was a very long time apart from my first) by 3 weeks by rebooking.

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Hey, I've got a couple of free slots for emoji/sticker commissions, DM me if you're interested!

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I'm super proud of this ngl

art for ArtFight user Xephia :>

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environmental impact of container tech 

I haven't seen anyone seriously study the environmental impact of continuous integration and the redundant steps of containerised workflows. like, it feels pretty likely that it's at least a nontrivial impact.

the standard in tech nowadays is to download and build everything from scratch when you make a change, such that even a small non-code change can result in upwards of an hour of computing work.

like, for example, at work we use Circle CI, and the standard plugin (Circle calls them Orbs) for Node.js will manually download and extract a copy of Node every single time a container is launched. this makes them all prone to supply-side attacks, requires huge infra on the servers that host the Node builds that also cannot go down without impacting code changes made by loads of people, but is extremely wasteful and probably has a measurable carbon footprint.

I personally don't have the ability at my current job to properly examine and fix this waste, but I hope that at least someone in tech seriously takes a look and figures out a way to at least improve things. at minimum, I feel like open-source projects not bound by deadlines and profit margins should try and reduce waste in their CI pipelines.

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Intro (ENG) 

Vila Liberdade is a #queer house project located in a village in Galiza (north-west Iberian Peninsule).

We intend to provide a safe space for queer travellers and locals to retreat, enjoy rural life and create art.

The project is still in development, the house is inhabited and the art work spaces are partly usable, but more improvements are due in the next months.

Every queer person is welcomed, this is a safe space for people of any gender or orientation (including every non binary gender, a-spec, pan people, etc) and sex workers.

Both permanent inhabitants and our closer local network are queer white people of diverse genders/orientations/abilities/neurostatus.

We acknowledge our privileges and encourage all queer comrades, specially racialised comrades, to call us in/out whenever we are doing anything oppressive or being ignorant/unaware in any way of how our privileges affect you.


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broad question about mental health research 

Sometimes I feel like I downplay the extent of my mental health issues when I talk to my therapist, because the very fact of having a session means that I’m talking to someone else in a safe space where my stressors are absent, and it is difficult to express how bleak my thoughts can get when I am in a different mood.

I suppose that this is a common phenomenon in psychology. Does it have a specific name? Has it been studied rigorously?


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Getting out of bed is extra hard if you wake up with a soft friend like this one in your arms.

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