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Finished emoji commission for CoronaCoreanici on Twitter!

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@RumPartov What's your favourite Duke Nukem quote?

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76 years ago, the Italian Resistance fighters coordinated multiple attacks to the remaining Nazi-fascist strongholds in Northern Italy, thus declaring that they were not welcome in our country and that they had no legitimate power over the Italian people.

And that’s a message we still have to repeat year after year, day after day, because fascists never left the country – they just made their influence less overt.

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trans puns 

to avoid the unfortunate gendering of the term "transistor," trans siblings will now be classified as one of the following

masculine-or-sometimes-feminine-energy trans (MOSFETs)
just-feminine-energy trans (JFETs)
masculine-energy trans (METs)
indeterminate-gender-based trans (IGBTs)
binary-jettisoning trans (BJTs)

new types are constantly being discovered/invented

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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

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job search for Linux sysadmin, boost+ :boost_ok:​ 

Dear friends,

I’m a Brazilian immigrant and trans woman, looking for a new job in Germany. Been doing Linux sysadmin’ing since 2001. I have experience also with programming, tech writing and translation.

The job needs to be registered locally in Germany. I’m living in the country since 2017, and I can commute in the NRW area or work remotely.

I’m fluent in English, know Japanese, and my German is currently at B2.

For CV and personal info DM me.

Thanks everybody for boosts and references!

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Too many people still don't understand that you don't need to be a racist person or acting with malice to perpetuate racism and cause harm.
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Emoji commissions of The_Skella's (on Twitter) Tiefling OC, Rat! (A gift from TheBase16 (on Twitter) :D)

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Signal just announced, in creative words, that they might exploit Cellebrite's UFED - which is used by LEA to search smartphones:

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Nine Inch Nails, music analysis 

Composer and producer ixi has been going through a bunch of NIN songs (mainly The Downward Spiral recently) and analysing their composition, production and lyrics in depth, in 30-45 minute videos on YouTube. It's fascinating.
(Trigger warnings for each video are at the top of the description)

I have no functional knowledge on any music theory subjects, but they're still very captivating to me.

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(still) need financial help, boosts welcome 

Hey friends, I still could use some money for the end of the monts, I’m going to be broke very soon :x

And there has been some mishaps with my work’s HR that made it so I won’t be paid my full salary for the first two months and that’s going to complicate things for me.

It would be nice if you could send in some money, I really need it rn even though I wish I didn’t have to ask again.

And also a boost is free and always goes a long way <3

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Chauvin trial, Twitter link 

Scanmap Chicago: “rogue radio operators [are] playing Chauvin verdict over police airwaves”


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uspol, acab, limited optimism 

This means that we have one (1) cop who finally faced consequences for the most brutal and visible murder of a Black person.

There's still a ways to go before more cops who do it less overtly face consequences, and even longer to get cops to stop being murderers altogether.

Still, worth celebrating this small victory.

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