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I received a zip full of files from someone who thought it would be cute/clever to use some kind of messed-up non-(terminal)-printable character in all the filenames. After dorking-around for 15 minutes trying to cobble together a shell script to fix this (hard when you can't type the target character) I found detox, and it *just fixed the fucking thing*

The great thing about Unix is that it's been around long enough that there's almost zero chance someone hasn't run into the same problem you're having, and for a long time most unix users have been programmers, so there's almost always a program out there that will solve your problem.


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I am finally open for more emoji commissions! I'll be taking commissions in fewer slots at the moment (1 or 2 slots), so if you'd like some emoji, come quick ^^

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Just found out about the website, which lets you to listen to a bunch of radio stations by selecting them on a Google Earth-like globe! Check it out!!!

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Hello Philippine Twitter, somebody needs a trans-friendly shelter because she left a transphobic household. Any good leads? A retweet also helps for visibility and could help others in similar situations.

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Annual reminder to all my ace and aro friends that y'all are valid as fuck!

Happy Valid-times Day!

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AstraZeneca 2020: we will ensure broad and equitable access to Oxford's vaccines across the globe and at no profit.

AstraZeneca 2021:
*charges EU $2.16 per vaccine
*charges South Africa $5.25 per vaccine
*charges Uganda $7.00 per vaccine

#Covid #Racism #Capitalism

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fucked up that the UK just calls it a bank robbery and not a quidnapping

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England is running a consultation on toilets and need enby voices represented.

Please pass this along to anybody who has access issues, including disabled people, trans people and so forth. We have a right to wee.

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current slavery, Ivory Coast, cocoa, legal action 

"Eight children who claim they were used as slave labour on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast have launched legal action against the world’s biggest chocolate companies. They accuse the corporations of aiding and abetting the illegal enslavement of “thousands” of children on cocoa farms in their supply chains.

Nestlé, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, Mars, Olam, Hershey and Mondelēz have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington DC by the human rights firm International Rights Advocates (IRA), on behalf of eight former child slaves who say they were forced to work without pay on cocoa plantations in the west African country."

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Family, not me - 


Just because someone is family does not mean you owe them ANYTHING

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writing, essay, self-sabotage 

Small essay I wrote for my newsletter on self-sabotage and self-critique.


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It’s interesting that, when corporate people talk about physical or mental health, or work-home balance, or personal wellness in general, they always suggest activities that go on top of (and not in place of) the existing institutions, structures, and duties.

Capitalism does not discuss what already exists, and if there is something to be done to benefit the workers’ wellness, the company will describe it as the workers’ own duty, not the company’s. Oh, and do it out of office hours!

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marriage, need an authorised translator 

We have a date for our marriage now.

We have to find an authorised/"sworn" German → English translator who can come there with us.

Do y'all happen to know of one?

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Finished emoji commission for Dick_Gumshoe on Twitter!

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hey donate to a black trans man and their black nonbinary partner as they trying to live!

cashapp: $yeehawkeshawn

birdsite link-->

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I guess I never posted an intro so here we are!

I'm Fen! I'm a computer science student from France. At the time I'm writing this, I'm looking to apply for a Ph.D in my university. I'm also a furry and an artist, and I sometimes take commissions.

I am non-binary, probably agender but I still don't use this label for myself so I just stay under the non-binary umbrella. My pronouns are they/them, but he/him are fine too.

I can speak French, which is my native language, as well as English, proficiently. I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese (I am a beginner still), and I know bits of Italian and Ancient Greek.

Politics wise, I'm obviously very left-wing, but I don't know exactly the term for my personal beliefs. Probably leaning towards anarchism and communism.

My research domain is NVRAM-related coherency problems in HPC contexts.

Feel free to follow me and talk to me, some people told me I look inaccessible/intimidating but really I'm just a little ball of stress and anxiety!!

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