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Champ'd Up pic, kinda lewd. 

A friend said 'I'm cancelling you for this'. Enjoy.

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and now the newest entry on the "what do you mean this isnt just you/your fursona",

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saw someone calling elon musk space karen and I can't stop thinking about it

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Some research I did a few years ago to try to come up with display buckets for web design that were more fine and took ergonomics into account more than the way I've seen other web developers use them. I've tweaked the figures since so they're multiples of 16, but they generally hold up even today.

(No text description on these images but you can check out for a readable summary of this information.)

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I distrust those people who crash into someone’s mentions, say something questionable, and then react with “If you don’t like what I say, block me”.

As if the idea of being more mindful of what they are saying to others doesn’t even cross their minds, and as if they don’t even understand how they’re shifting the responsibility of an unpleasant conversation onto those who haven’t started it

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PSA: Do not pet, touch, talk to, talk about, or otherwise interact with service animals.

Yes I know they're good dogs. I love dogs so much, I point them out to people I'm with (even if I'm on my own sometimes...) and get excited as soon as I see them. Unless the dog is a working service dog. Then I just think quietly to myself about what good dogs they are! Because I don't want to distract the dog from its job and endanger the person it’s supposed to be helping.

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So here's another PSA.

Don't tell a disabled person that you couldn't live with their disability.

Don't tell them how scary you think it'd be to have that disability.

Don't tell them you'd be housebound (and don't talk about that like it'd be the end of your life; some people ARE housebound and it shouldn't leave them with a terrible quality of life either).

You don't have to try to put yourself in my shoes. Your empathy is not welcome (or even functioning properly) if it's so ill-informed.

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Asking help for my physiotherapy fund 


I'm a 34 disabled unemployed non-binary queer with Multiple Sclerosis and mobility issues among others, and I need help!

IF YOU CAN spare some, would you plz donate to my physiotherapy fund at: ?

Any amount would help and would be immensely welcome and appreciated! <3

:ablobcathappypaws: If you'd rather get me something from my wishlist:

Thank you for reading, boosting and supporting me! :blobcatheart:

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Single user instance:
For Federating/boosting/interacting with plenty of users from fashy instances (, etc.)
I'm posting this in particular for them boosting a poll from snow @ suggesting that could be "handled" by a DDoS or "Gas Chamber" so here's your #FediBlock buddy.
A bunch of other stuff too, but that should be enough I'm sure x

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Remember if you have something others don't, your goal should always be to elevate them to your position, not step down out of guilt.

Sometimes that will require stepping down, but most of the stepping down is on the worst of the selfish cases in the 1%.

You're allowed to have nice things as long as you agree everyone else should have them too and your praxis moves toward that end.

When you begin to exclude others so you can keep your nice things, that's when I start looking at how to knock you down a peg or two.

Every car is a convertible if you try hard enough.

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hrt, transhumanist propaganda 

Editing your hormone levels is fine and not a big deal actually.

Also it doesn't need to have anything to do with your gender. Hormones don't have genders. They just make your body do things. Your body. And you're born with a randomly tweaked endocrine system. There's nothing special about random hormone levels that should stop you from overriding them.

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Friend asking for help (feel free to boost) 

One of my close friends lost their job recently and needs some help while they look for a new job.

"Hi all, sorry for the self promotion. I was recently made redundant and during the interim while I look for a new job I'm taking commissions for audio work.
I know its not everybody's thing but It's what I do best and I would truly appreciate if you could Share this;"

some examples of their work is here

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Dear diary,
Today I passed the least appetizing food place on the planet

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You’ve heard of serverless cloud architecture :meowtired: :blobcatsleep:

Now, get ready for… 🥁🥁🥁

:blobcheerL: Cloudless server architecture :blobcheerR:

We’re offering features you thought you could only dream of:

Hardened database security: Databases don’t have to be exposed to the network thanks to the wonders of On-System Databases™ and Unix Sockets™, hardening security tenfold!
Latency-free database connections: As if that wasn’t good enough, On-System Databases™ allow you to dramatically reduce latency by bypassing the need for pesky network connections!
On-Demand Web Worker Process Spawning™ using the Common Gateway Interface™
Bare-Metal Access™ to On-Server Storage™ for unparalleled Read™ and Write™ speeds
Predictable costs: No more surprise bills. Pay only for what you specify! Our patent-pending Hardware Limitations™ automatically throttles your cloudless server if you reach capacity
Documentation: tired of trying to navigate through the jungle of outdated and incorrect Azure or AWS documentation? Don’t fret! Operating systems are documented by the most dedicated gangs of nerds you can find on freenode!

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I'm straight.

:disputed: Several sources have evidence to the contrary.

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Hey, I have slots open for emoji commissions again!

🌲 DM me for enquiries 🌲

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