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LB caption: A picture of a cat facing the corner of a white room with walls and floor covered in advanced math; it's captioned "Meanwhile, inside the box, schrodinger's cat plans its revenge".

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schroedinger's cat plans its revenge:

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Trans-inclusive [web / software / information] design:

[Apologies to whoever I saw this from - I don't remember who to thank]

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There's a lot of swerfy leftists out there and I just want to say that if you have trouble seeing sex work existing in a post-capitalist or money-free society, you need to do some serious internal work and read up on sex work FROM sex workers.

Do not underestimate the value of 'soft' skills! Even in groups that do tech work like software development having people whose primary skills have nothing to do with software is important.
One hacker space I went to for a bit was mostly held together by a kid who came in and didn't know anything about what people were doing, they just liked to sit there and watch and talk to people as they worked.
Without them I think that the space would have fallen apart.

People like that are very important.

just want to spread some random love right now i guess :ms_heart_ribbon:

if you read this then here’s some love for you :ms_hug:

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if you would like to commission some awesome emoji from Dzuk, please contact me!

i'm zir assistant and customer service :dark_elf:

for more information please check out

I don't want to know how many browsers do not verify #XPI signatures anymore... Like zombies, walking around

If you disabled xpinstall.signatures.required make sure you reenable it now! :firefox: :doomguy:

And pass this reminder on to your peers and channels

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