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*Launches Mozilla Tinderbird*
*swipes left on all e-mails*


It's not a competition (or is it?) but I'd like to remind everyone that Mutant Standard did a trans flag before WhatsApp's easter egg trans flag 😭

(And I'll make Mutant Standard's fonts and systems compatible with WhatsApp's trans flag in the future c:)

The monthly Mutant Standard livestream is happening today at 9pm UK time!

(1pm US Western, 4pm US Eastern, 22:00 CET, 8am East Australia)

A commission for @lexchimera (as a gift for !) ^w^

summoning circle, hope this works

🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯
A cure
🕯 For being clums- 🔥

🕯 Ah shit 🔥

Ah no 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥 Oh no oh no
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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I've been thinking for some time about creating an instance for queer artists, but oriented towards a more niche group as is analog/traditional artists.

Not because I have anything against digital artists, but I think these forms of art are comparatively less practiced and get more easily lost among the vast stream of digital art being published at any given moment (just take a look at the art related tags).

It could be a good space to network, share learning resources...

What do you think?

Nobody has agency over where they were born into or under what circumstances. Nobody's proud to win lotteries either, you don't need skill or wisdom or anything else to win a lottery. That's why it's a lottery. You win and you're lucky, you're not proud.

Strikes me as odd to be proud of your nationality, as if you made a wise choice in picking which country you were born into before playing the birth lottery.

Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

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Does anyone know how is being applied the current gender identity law in Portugal regarding gender marker changes for non binary trans people? Is this allowing the chance of legally requesting the creation of a non binary ID marker, is something being done to facilitate that for non binary people who request it?

Dear people from Mastodon, here some thoughts on how to be more inclusive and less ableist on this beautiful platform: Show more

The next livestream will be Saturday 9th March at 21:00 GMT!

(13:00 US Western, 16:00 US Eastern, 22:00 CET, Sun 08:00 East Australia)

I plan on doing random symbols and objects I need in order to make a working font! (I might also show off some font building stuff)

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