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Boost this post if you've ever turned on a computer by putting a knife or a paper clip across the power jumpers

I'm now using this new avatar for a while because I'm really happy with the emojo I commissioned from @dzuk, maker of Mutant Standard, a set of emoji you see in many cool places ^^'. I was positively surprised by how much this emoji resembles my face!
Many thanks to zir for putting up with me.

Also, a reminder for you to consider giving artists money if you can afford to! They make really cool and important stuff.

And if you have a sona, consider having emojos of them made by Dzuk!

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Hey @Gargron have you considered running a feature request/feedback system like so that the wider community could provide input outside of Github issue requests? I think itโ€™d give average users the chance to provide input and better gauge what requests are popular & why. The Github issue tracker is not currently setup in way where itโ€™s easy to find and express support for feature requests, especially for end users.

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wow, this is a new one

if you need my โ€œpersonal dataโ€ to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

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Dystopia is a white people word that means โ€œwhat if all that shit happened TO US?!?โ€

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Re-watching iamamiwhoami's 'in concert' from 2010, it's amazing to see how far their project has come. Most of these remastered tracks for the In Concert performance are *so good*.
Also I had forgotten the small snippets of tracks that only were released as full songs (as ionnalee) in 2018, Gone and Like Hell.

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