Pokémon Sword/Shield, light spoilers 

Pokémon Sword/Shield, light spoilers 

@Siphonay *offers compassionate and friendly hugs to good bxy*

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Autism Speaks, eugenics, birdsite 

re: phone app sketchiness 

phone app sketchiness 

@dzuk *offers cheering hugs, compliments and validation*

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The possibilities of the world seem infinite when you ignore skills, materials, labour, time... everything, basically.

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to those who suggest to anyone "hey why don't you write your own software"

listen to yourself plz

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:drake_dislike: Observing a YouTube boycott that has no organisation and no real base of support during the final days of an election that's hugely important internationally

:drake_like: Sharing videos with your undecided voter friends about how the tory Brexit is a sham like this one:


and get a government that will strengthen working class people in the UK and in the global south.

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Impressive sunrise this morning on the way to work but apparently I got distracted and forgot to post pics.

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What fool called it "reverse engineering" and not "break it till you make it"

@Siphonay The other advantage of downloading videos with VLC (or youtube-dl) is that Google won't be able to collect all sorts of analytics on what and how you're watching. I imagine Invidious (I didn't know this existed, thanks!) and Vanced might remove at least some of the analytics as well.

re: re: you're kind, but i'm not making it better now 

please forgive me this is a terrible pun and i'm a terrible person for posting it 

@Siphonay Apparently in Québec they use the long scale, like in France: granddictionnaire.com/ficheOql
They also use the short scale in the english speaking parts of Canada.

Lovely! /s

@Siphonay Since you're learning Portuguese:

In Brazil the short scale is used: "Bilião" means 10^9, like in the US.
In Portugal the long scale is used: "Bilião" means 10^12, like in France.

Same idiom, different large number scales. Never-ending fun!

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