Every home needs at least two lubricants in order to service most machines: An oil and a grease.

An oil is a thin liquid that penetrates into tight spaces and can be used to lubricate bearings. Unfortunately, it also tends to migrate away from the surface on which it was applied which can be a problem for gear trains and hinges and the like. It can also migrate to surfaces that people touch.

Grease is thick and stays put but you can't wick it into tight spaces.

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Freebie #ColouringPage pages, yay!

One page is a scan of that abstract tangle frame I drew recently, and the other is a scan of two little hand-drawn half mandalas.

Grab the print-ready PDFs here > patreon.com/posts/27067791


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by the way, there's no "wrong" way to be non-binary. you're valid being masc-presenting and you're valid being femme-presenting and i know not having a clear map to your identity and presentation can be hard sometimes but we're all here learning together and we're all here to remind you that there are no rules, no right and wrong, just some great folks figuring how how they wanna define themselves :QueerCatHeart_Enby:

@ceejbot "mastoart" is a good hashtag to follow! In particular, @welshpixie makes lovely drawings, @pamela and @dzuk are makers of cool emoji (and more).

Old-time proverb: "The bath with person is mightier than the sword".

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@dzuk People going wild at the sound of Bercow shouting "order" is how language evolves.

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so facebook says "here embed this code" and now the site/app tells fb everything you do there. fb knows who you are on a creepy-intimate level, so when the soap company buys advertising on fb, they target that advertising at other people who will be likely to make those same purchases

the creepy part is that it works very well. at this point basically every website on the entire internet is sending that data about you back to fb, where they can reassemble it into your entire digital footprint

In Paper Mario 64, there are lighting effects rendered on the sprites that work based on directional light sources. They'll move around the sprite depending on where the light source is in relation to the characters. The stars embedded in the ground are good examples of this.

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