Super Mario Maker 2 course, self-promotion 

food, sweets 

tech hardware, implied lewd 

I accidentally found a picture (I thought I had lost) of my all time ring record at the end of a stage in Sonic & Knuckles! I managed to collect 892 rings in 9:14 in Sandopolis Zone Act 2!
This photo dates from the 21st of October 2014. I'm still super proud of this achievement!

selfie (eye contact), holidays 

Signal, Sticker pack (Mutant Standard Test Set) 

In Slack it's possible to emulate a CW by writing the content warning as a main channel message, and then posting your actual CW'd messages in a thread under the first message.
While far from perfect, it's better than posting stuff that might upset your peers in the main chat.

(Thanks to @meqif for helping out with the demo!)

That's also the smallest ® I think I've seen... And yes, I checked that's an ®, about 0.5 mm tall! I have proof! 🔍

You, a rightfully angry person: ok, boomer

Me, a Pokémon Trading Sticker Card collector from 2000:

food, snacks 

Pokémon Sword/Shield 

food, mug cake recipe 

Pokémon Sword/Shield 

Pokémon Sword/Shield 

Photography, Typography; CW: Graphic fake blood, implied strong acts of violence 

And now I have this on my desk. Let's try to get used to it!

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