food as novelty, possibly disgusting (post is not graphic) 

So... I've had this can of SPAM for maybe close to 20 years, which I've kept as a novelty, never having opened it (big mistake, I was a teen back then!).
I got it back then because it's not a brand/product we get where I live, but somehow they had it in stock at the supermarket (I've never seen it being sold ever since); for me, being a nerdy kid, that was quite the find! It's SPAM!

Today I randomly grabbed it from the shelf to see when it had expired (July 2008 for the curious) and noticed that it had some very slight dry white-ish flakes on the bottom seam, on top of some surface rust on the lid. Out of an abundance caution, I tossed it in the bin.
And no, the can never smelled of anything!

Please don't judge me too hard! :blobcat_ohnoes:

videogames, very minor spoilers about BotW 

I'm 300+ hours into BotW, and I just discovered that on Proxim Bridge, the first bridge you might encounter if you walk East from the Great Plateau towards Dueling Peaks, if the person patrolling it sees Link climbing the wall at the edge, they will appeal for Link not to be so careless.

It's a small detail, but it's something I completely missed until now, heh!

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Android stuff, question 

Okay so this message has been showing up on Google Play for the past couple of weeks, at the top of the activity with the list of apps pending update. What do they mean by "you will lose your right to make legal claims"?
Legal claims about what? What's the context for that?

Without the context, to me that just reads as a scare tactic, tbh.

Apple Music, censoring, reclaimed slurs 

Uhh, Apple Music seems to be censoring artists names in some places on their UI.
Why they're doing at all is just baffling to me, it's not like any text on this app comes from third-party user-generated content... 🤷

(In this case, with the artist "Fado Bicha", "bicha" is used as a reclaimed slur.)

bad UX 

Designing User Experience is my passion! /s

The snail delivered some mail today with cute stickers from @maples's Fragment Booth! Thank you maple!

(Note: It was a mail delivery person, not an actual snail.)

During @dzuk's playthrough of Tunic I saw what looked like a stretched brain in the ground, and after I said "extended brain" ze suggested it would be the name of a self-help book. So I came up with this using some sketchy book cover generator online.

🖼️ CW: illustration of a brain

LOL. Hilarious that the scammer registered *that* handle on m.s of all places.
But also don't touch that link. It's a scam/phishing/whatever.

I found a Great Ball at the local Lidl's parking lot the other day!

I tried to wipe off the archipelago of the Berlengas off my screen thinking it was a bit of dirt. 😬

This is the best I'm going to get out of the solar eclipse today!

tech, VirtualBox 

If you enable EFI for a VBox Virtual Machine, after correctly installing a OS into the virtual storage you might not be able to boot from the virtual optical disk any more.

The solution is to quickly press ESC after booting (or resetting) the VM, which opens the firmware setup screen, and then selecting the optical drive from the Boot Manager.

Good to know that a binder clip works great as a replacement for a 2.5" to 3.5" disk adapter!

food, baking, sweets, recipe follow-up 

As expected, the brownies taste delicious, but unfortunately the texture is just super crumbly!

I suspect the bad texture came from too much leavening agent, and maybe from overcooking it a bit too much.
In the future I'll try swapping the self-raising flour for non-yeasted cake flour.

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food, baking, sweets 

I made brownies for the first time! The batter was delicious, so I'm expecting the final product to be just as good.
Now to wait until this comes to room temp to take a bite out of it!

Looking at this frame from Technology Connections' latest video, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to realise I wasn't looking at a desktop computer, but at a furnace (as Alec was saying in the video)...

(The video:

bitwarden, ranting a bit 

And fair, the native password item share requires both users to be bitwarden users, but it's not even a paid feature.
It's just awkward to use because it requires the organization thing... and if using the send feature to share a password with someone else is easier than doing the proper password share, maybe they should address that problem first.

Also I couldn't help but to notice their send page leaks the sender's sign-in email, which... ugh. That sucks.

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