That's also the smallest ® I think I've seen... And yes, I checked that's an ®, about 0.5 mm tall! I have proof! 🔍

You, a rightfully angry person: ok, boomer

Me, a Pokémon Trading Sticker Card collector from 2000:

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Pokémon Sword/Shield 

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Pokémon Sword/Shield 

Pokémon Sword/Shield 

Photography, Typography; CW: Graphic fake blood, implied strong acts of violence 

And now I have this on my desk. Let's try to get used to it!

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Nothing like a good bit of DIY at 3:30 in the morning, before bed. The kitchen timer stand hinge broke (I'm surprised that flimsy plastic part took multiple years–not days–to break), so I got to "fix" it.
I pried the magnet from the broken stand, then removed the remaining bits of the hinge from the timer body so I could super-glue the magnet in the place of the broken part.
Hopefully this timer can survive for a few more years before some electronics decide to give out.

Supermarket signage, broken(?) lighting 

Mobile gaming, mild lewd reference 

This digital scale's manual has a rather peculiar stance on intellectual property: "Patent products, copyright infringement!"

Prototype of custom designed sticker, tech; CW: implied lewd text 

Over the years I saw pictures of the Atomium, the popular construction in the shape of a crystal structure in Brussels, and somehow I always imagined its size was in the ballpark of a typical museum statue.

But the Atomium is gigantic, and you can go into the crystal structure, comfortably so: each of the spheres has a diameter of roughly a 4 storey building (18 m, 59 ft), each tube 3.3 m (11 ft) in diameter, and the whole thing is 102 m (335 ft) tall.

Now I definitely want to see it some day.

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