Looking at this frame from Technology Connections' latest video, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to realise I wasn't looking at a desktop computer, but at a furnace (as Alec was saying in the video)...

(The video: youtube.com/watch?v=7zrx-b2sLU)

bitwarden, ranting a bit 

And fair, the native password item share requires both users to be bitwarden users, but it's not even a paid feature.
It's just awkward to use because it requires the organization thing... and if using the send feature to share a password with someone else is easier than doing the proper password share, maybe they should address that problem first.

Also I couldn't help but to notice their send page leaks the sender's sign-in email, which... ugh. That sucks.

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Somehow DeepL managed to suggest garbled text as an alternative translation, good job DeepL. :goose_hacker:

probably bad for screen readers 

Gray is easier on the eyes then grey, huh.

Suddenly remembered this diagram from the nin.wiki's page for Survivalism detailing the layout of the security camera screen wall in the music video, in which two of the screens read "Bewbz!" and "Gay Sex!".

Good stuff.

gameing, Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Oooof... How I envy your world, Pancetti.

I upgraded from bringing the chips to being a chef!

Thanks once more for hosting a fun Jackbox evening @Siph!

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gaming, Euro Truck Simulator 2 

Freight goals achieved!! 🐻 🚚

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It has come to my attention that Bewear is Chelours in French translations of Pokémon. That sounds a lot like shello!
I am happy.

(thanks for bringing this to my attention, @stereoscopic :3)

Thanks @Siph for hosting a full round of Jackbox Party Pack 7 games on launch day. It's a really solid pack and I had a lot of fun!

Also I always bring chips. ]:3

spider web (no spiders) 

Photo taken on a foggy autumn morning back in 2012 at a train station.

electronics maintenance 

I successfully replaced a battery that wasn't meant to be user-serviceable in a UPS that wasn't holding any charge anymore.

It was a pretty easy job (mind you, I have no electrical qualifications whatsoever), and it was both cheaper and more environmentally positive than tossing it and buying a new UPS.
The hardest part was sourcing the right battery, but it was worth the trouble.

I was inspired by watching this FranLab video a few weeks ago: youtube.com/watch?v=gtoELdg6pD

tech, UI hell 

Two. Cog. Buttons.
They do different things.


I guess Wolf Link turns into Midna when upscaled to HD then.

Not sure it having the flag attached to a street light was a patriotic gesture, or if it's a joke on patriotism. :thonking:

(To me it definitely feels like a joke and I was rather amused by it.)

gaming, Euro Truck Simulator 2 

Freight Goals 🐻

gaming, Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Please look at this friend. 🧸

sillypost, CW: non-vegan sweet pastry 


tech, "age verification" 

Discord just prompted me for my date of birth, years after I've been in a server with lewd content...

At least the year drop-down scrolls automatically to start at 2001, over 18 years ago, lol.

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