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Say what you will about ReCaptcha, I'll take clicking on pictures of road signs over this thing any day.
I'm a human (as far as I know) and I couldn't pass this challenge.

I really dislike "faux leather" stuff, like these headphone ear pads. This material never feels quite right to the touch, and inevitably it starts cracking and peeling after a few months of use.

Android 9 Pie introduces a "Lockdown" feature that, when enabled, "turns off Smart Lock, fingerprint unlocking and notifications on the lock screen", i.e., you'll have to use your pin/password/pattern to re-authenticate.

Unfortunately this option is hidden by default, so it won't show up on the long-press power button menu until you enable it from the settings (Security & Location > Lock Screen Preferences).

A few photos I took this Thursday at the sea front of the OutΓ£o Orthopaedic Hospital in SetΓΊbal, Portugal (38.4880723, -8.9353046).


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