This digital scale's manual has a rather peculiar stance on intellectual property: "Patent products, copyright infringement!"

Prototype of custom designed sticker, tech; CW: implied lewd text 

Over the years I saw pictures of the Atomium, the popular construction in the shape of a crystal structure in Brussels, and somehow I always imagined its size was in the ballpark of a typical museum statue.

But the Atomium is gigantic, and you can go into the crystal structure, comfortably so: each of the spheres has a diameter of roughly a 4 storey building (18 m, 59 ft), each tube 3.3 m (11 ft) in diameter, and the whole thing is 102 m (335 ft) tall.

Now I definitely want to see it some day.

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The second wave of Ferris emoji, lovingly made by @dzuk, is now available to download from Ferris' own website:

They are licensed CC BY‑NC‑SA!

Many thanks to @aldeka for hosting these Ferris emoji!
Also, Dzuk designs the fabulous emoji set and takes commissions:

vultures, environment, birdsite thread (with images of animal carcasses) 

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I'm still pretty happy with these custom ThiccDad stickers! :blobowo:

Food, Meal replacement shake 

First wave of stickers on the new laptop: done! :blobcheerbounce:

(Details of the stickers in the image description!)

birdsite, an amusing exchange I had years ago 

The awesome @mutantstd is now two years old. Happy anniversary @dzuk & @kiilas!

Did you know Mutant Standard isn't just very well designed, sweet, and colourful emoji? Beyond its visuals, what sets Mutant Standard apart is its set of principles of culture decentralization and de-corporatisation, plus being in touch with the world:

I'm a proud supporter of Mutant Standard.
If you want to support it too, do take a look:

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Custom designed sticker, details; CW: implied lewd text 

Custom designed sticker, tech; CW: implied lewd text 

Food, Health 

Following @dzuk's excellent idea of tagging streams as "lurk-safe" (as per, I took the initiative of suggesting this tag to Twitch (at

Knowing that upon joining a stream one will not be called out while they're lurking is a relief if you're anxious about that, and makes it more welcoming to join streams, especially the ones with few viewers (where acknowledging viewers is feasible).

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