Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct (no spoilers) 

Oh wow, this was a really packed direct, with lots of new cool stuff. I've been thinking of getting back to ACNH, but now I'm really excited!!

If you wanna watch it, it's about 23 minutes long:

I'll make a "summary" of the new content in reply to this post.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct (spoilers, very long, 1/?) 

Last free major content update to ACNH coming November 5th (v2.0):
- New spot: The roost (Brewster's café) at the museum, island residents will visit, supports some Amiibo (can bring company), supports online multiplayer.
- Kapp'n is now on the island, still sings great songs like in past games, takes you to mystery islands (may have different flora, season, or time of day).
- Harv's island now has a plazza for shops, run by Harriet. Requires contributing bells to set up shops for visitors like Sahara, Kicks, Leif. Also new shops like Reese and Cyrus for extra furniture customization; Katrina will read fortunes for the day; Tortimer also shown; Harriet will teach new hair styles.
- Plaza now has group stretches to the sound of music, residents join you, and player does stretches by using controller buttons or motion controls with joy-cons. Supports online multiplayer.
- Island ordinances (exactly like in ACNL): beautiful island, early bird, night owl, bell boom.
- More exterior options for your home exterior.
- More home storage: three more expansions, up to 5000 items.
- New uses for Nook Miles:
- DIY Recipes (uses vegetables/grains you grow) to make meals for display and eating (seems to work like fruit);
- Pro decorating licence to add lighting and ceiling decor), accent walls (single-wall pattern);
- More bridges on the island (now up to 10);
- New fence recipes, and some fences are now customizable;
- Pro Camera app, adds handheld mode (eye-level), tripod mode (from the handheld mode);
- Patterns for items can now be used for clother, floor and wallpaper;
- 4 new hairstyles, plus the ones taught by Harriet;
- 11 new reactions;
- New app Island Life 101 with "tips for enjoying island";
- New furtinure redeemable with Nook Miles, like a storage shed that connects with home storage and can be placed anywhere on the island, and an ABD that can also be placed anywhere.
- 12 new songs from K.K. Slider and a Music box that can play their songs.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct (spoilers, very long, 2/3) 

(cont. free update)
- Gyroids! Gyroid fragments can be planted to grow to a full gyroid overnight. They're also randomly found the day after it rains if planted. They still make cute sounds and sing with music.
- New furniture types on Nook's Cranny (like ceiling decor).
- New tool: permanent ladders, to add ladders to cliffs (DIY from Nook's Cranny).
- It's now possible to navigating tighter spots in rooms.
- Residents now can invite you to their home or visit your home.

New ACNH Paid DLC, "Happy Home Paradise" (like the standalone HHD for the 3DS):
- Accessed from the airport as "go to work". Takes you to a archipelago resort run by Lottie. Characters have vacation homes you assist designing by following their preferences ("dreams").
- You can pick the island of the archipelago for the dream home of the character. Different islands look different (different seasons).
- Recommended furniture is available from the start, the rest is up to the player.
- Player does interior design and outdoor design like in the main island (fences, paths trees, location home and exterior), and can change season, weather and time of day.
- Player can learn design techniques like changing the size of the room, adding partition walls, counters (2 differnt heights), pillars to support the ceiling (decorative), different colour and intensity of lighting, soundscapes, and polishing furiture to shine.
- Work is rewarded with "poki currency", a currency that is used at the shop resort that is "hard to find on your island", and can be taken back to the main island.
- More furniture is available as you progress, and can be used to remodel existing client's houses.
- Suggesting residents to share homes.
- Design vacant buildings for Lottie (like schools, restaurants, hospitals, etc).
- Happy Home Network app records photos of residents; shareable online with other people, and follow other designers.
- AC Amiibos can be used to invite characters as clients.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct (spoilers, very long, 3/3) 

(cont. paid DLC)
- Learned design techniques can be used on the main island too.
- Invite main island residents to the archipelago by offering a souvenir.
- Home remodeling of island residents.
- DLC available November 5th, V22.49 / €24.99 (pre-orders on Oct 29), comes at no extra cost with the NSOnline Expansion Pack (£34.99 / €39,99 year).

- 48 Amiibo cards on Series 5, also on November 5th.

And that's all (I think)!


Well that was a lot of typos, huh.

I mean it was typed as I was watching the direct so it's no surprise, but damn.

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