cryptocrap, marketing 

The company I get my meal replacement things from sent a newsletter titled "We made an NFT 馃槻". I thought they were joking, but they're definitely doing it.
When I shot them an email about it they replied saying they "offset CO2 emissions", and claiming they're doing it on et***eum which is going to change to proof-of-stake ("more environmentally friendly") -- overlooking the fact that they're doing the NFT crap this month, when it still runs on proof-of-work, lol.

The reply ends with "We are excited about the future, decentralisation and the cryptographic revolution which is why wantend [sic] to dip our toes and do something special for our Time Travellers." 馃ぎ

(Turns out they also largely replied with this to someone on their instagram post, so... lol)

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re: cryptocrap, marketing 

I deactivated the recurring payment on PayPal today so I don't get charged again.

I'm not interested in buying stuff from people who find it positive to pull a marketing stunt on a platform to fuck up the environment and give more credit to cryptocrap.

It sucks that just today I received a new shipment... had they done this a week ago, they would've saved me a bit of money. Oh well. 馃し

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