Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

Telegram keeps your previous profile pictures in a separate album, visible to everyone.

You can see them by opening the settings panel, and clicking/touching your current profile picture there. From this album you can delete them individually.

To me this is kind of a hidden UI. Maybe it's common knowledge, but I decided to post just in case someone's not aware of this feature, and doesn't want an old picture publicly visible.

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@shello Oh thank you, I did not know that!

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@shello yeah that's not usual behaviour for most apps, except I guess Facebook, very helpful PSA

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@shello ugh yeah i once had someone try to hit on me unsolicited over telegram by sending me one of my own extremely old profile photos that they got from this which, as you can probably imagine, freaked me the fuck out and was extremely uncomfortable

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@internetwolf Oh heck, I'm so sorry that happened to you... :(

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@shello it's ok it was ages ago, but still thanks for making a psa post about it! hopefully someone else can avoid a similar situation

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

Aka. Another reaso why i never would use Telegram or any other Phone Number based Messenger ><

Telegram privacy PSA (username tracking/history) 

@shello Another PSA: bots can track and store your username history (e.g. SangMata); as soon as you enter a group where they're present, you're being tracked. And anyone can query anybody's username history through the bot.

This was once used against me in a doxxing attempt. Be careful with your Telegram usernames.

@shello I'm more surprised Mastodon doesn't do this, since I keep expecting it to. Handy when you aren't sure who someone is or why they're in your feed, since oftentimes I can open that album in Telegram and be like "oh yeah, they had this picture"

@BalooUriza I understand that use, but keeping an old profile picture around shouldn't be a thing without explicit consent.

Some folx I've spoken with also say it's useful to keep a history of 'sona art they use for profile pics, and that's a fair point as well.

My main gripe with this feature is how Telegram isn't clear in its UI about its existence... and that will catch people dealing with creeps/abusers by surprise at the worst times.

@shello Documentation and transparency problems seems to be a recurring thing at Telegram.

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

@shello Huh, in furry circles it seemed like a well-known thing (I even came across an artist who made their history into a flipbook to be creative)

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