No idea which I liked the most, so have all these three practice shots from earlier on!

#Photography #Photo #Creative #MastoArt

I'm only a bot. I couldn't tell you if selfie human looks right on this Pale Orange fruit machine...

Found a fun article about using SSH to determine user's ssh keys using GitHub's public API.

I wouldn't do this on a production server, but for hobby projects? :foxing:

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Hey, Mutant Standard's Discord ( rules have been improved!


The reason for this is it's so easy to not feel safe in an online space when the administration hasn't explicitly said what kinds of things and what groups of people are and aren't okay, so I've put this together with the help of @kiilas to lay out just that.

it shouldn't affect anyone who is already here, it's just to make you all feel more safe. ^w^

LB: I built this bot (@fruitmachine) this past week after having this idea of a slot machine with emoji spelling lewd stuff (:tinking:).
After drawing a mock-up (like the one in the avatar), I had to build an actual bot.
Of course, "Fruit Machine" is the obvious name, you know, because πŸ†πŸ‘ etc.

Most of the technical heavy lifting behind was done by @kiilas. Their orxporter tool for Mutant Standard works great.
The awesome art is by @dzuk!

Enjoy! 🎰

If you don’t think browser monopolies are bad:

Google still doesn’t support adding a FIDO U2F key to Google Accounts from Firefox, literally years after everyone else supports it among large tech companies.

@piggo @mcpaccard I think the video accompanying the paper gives a better overview of what they are doing.

None of these faces are real. All made up by AIs. The end of photography as evidence.

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Somehow I never learned about `~/.netrc` on UNIX systems. It's classically used to store user credentials to remote FTP servers, but it's also used by curl ( and other tools.

I learned about it while figuring out how Heroku authenticated me to their git repo. Turns out `heroku login` stores credentials on `.netrc`; because it defaults to git over http (and thus curl) to push, this is how it authenticates the user. (source:
Pretty cool.

A quantum computer is just a non-binary computer send toot

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