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🤖🎰🍒 @fruitmachine
A bot that every 3h spins a fruit machine's reels with random emoji, saying something random about it at the same time.

😈🐻🔞 @thiccdad
My lewd private profile, from where I interact with and toot sexually explicit stuff. Read the bio for more details.

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📢 Important PSA:

Trans rights are Human Rights.
Non-binary folks, no matter if they're trans or not, or how they present, are valid and their rights are Human Rights.

✊ :transgender_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

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I'm now using this new avatar for a while because I'm really happy with the emojo I commissioned from @dzuk, maker of Mutant Standard, a set of emoji you see in many cool places ^^'. I was positively surprised by how much this emoji resembles my face!
Many thanks to zir for putting up with me.

Also, a reminder for you to consider giving artists money if you can afford to! They make really cool and important stuff.

And if you have a sona, consider having emojos of them made by Dzuk!

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@RumPartov Complete the following list: POP3, IMAP4, ...

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There are just three days to go on the Gender Census, and here's where we're at:

- 43,000 participants 😲
- 12% are age 31+
- 68% are from Tumblr, Twitter or Discord

Can you share the survey link anywhere new, or with people over the age of 25?


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Prolific metro wayfinding designer Jug Cerović recently made a map that maps out all of the sleeper trains that exist in the world.

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This is not a bag of honor

No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here

Silica gel

Do not eat

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you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine


#namechange #trans #LGBTQIA #change #beingme

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A group of Black revolutionaries have started an autonomous zone named #OrishaLand in #Austin, #Texas. They've already done a lot to fight #gentrification by organizing material support & political education for the local Black community. It's a real glimmer of hope for what has otherwise been a shitty #BlackHistoryMonth.

For more about their recent efforts:

On social media:
Instagram: @400and1
Twitter: @_400and1
Facebook: /400and1

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Crossword corner with me, @avie @dogo and @shello where we get mad at american crosswords and start writing stupid things on them

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Boyfriend forgot the word for "switch" and called it a network harmonica

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Aaaand another finished emoji commission of Dick_Gumshoe's (on Twitter) firbolg OC Gus!

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Finished emoji commission for LexChimera (on Twitter) of their OC Coal!

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If you use SpiderOak Encryptr for your passwords, the service will be shutting down tomorrow. (4th March 2021)
⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️

(The app does not tell you about this, you just have to have been lucky enough to find out about it like i was today. ffs.)

If you use it, follow these steps right now to get your data saved.

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Me: "I mean, if your SSD starts vibrating... that's a bad sign."

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“Big news! I have a surgery date! I need to make sure I have the cost of surgery paid by my pre op appointment (April 26th)! [...] I am tired of being afraid to leave my house without binding. I am just tired of the pain of binding in general. [...] this will save my life. I want my body to feel like a home. Help me out with that❤️“

Venmo: @Dee-Farries
Cashapp: $pizzafemmeboi

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