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📌 Other Profiles 

🤖🎰🍒 @fruitmachine
A bot that every 3h spins a fruit machine's reels with random emoji, saying something random about it at the same time.

😈🐻🔞 @thiccdad
My lewd private profile, from where I interact with and toot sexually explicit stuff. Read the bio for more details.

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📢 Important PSA:

Trans rights are Human Rights.
Non-binary folks, no matter if they're trans or not, or how they present, are valid and their rights are Human Rights.

:transgender_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

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I'm now using this new avatar for a while because I'm really happy with the emojo I commissioned from @dzuk, maker of Mutant Standard, a set of emoji you see in many cool places ^^'. I was positively surprised by how much this emoji resembles my face!
Many thanks to zir for putting up with me.

Also, a reminder for you to consider giving artists money if you can afford to! They make really cool and important stuff.

And if you have a sona, consider having emojos of them made by Dzuk!

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Some more fun emoji expressions for robotprince on Twitter!

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(no seriously, the suckless people are nazis, they did a torch march, stop using their stuff for the love of god)

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suckless: using extremely bad software with memory leaks and garbage code to Own The Libs

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Asexuality is not a footnote. It is not the fineprint at the end. It's not some rare exception to the rule.
You can't say things like "everyone is sexual, except for some ace people"
If you treat asexuality this way you aren't accepting asexuality. You aren't working in changing your understanding. You're just creating small space for exceptions.
Building a world accepting for asexuals has the challenge the underlying assumptions and understanding. You can't just add in exceptions to the rule, the rule it self needs to be changed.

#ace #asexual

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A friend discovered this drawing/sketching site. It looks like it has tutorials, references, exercises - might be a good resource? :)


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y'all i have a brilliant new idea for anti-homeless architecture. i call it "homes"

eurovision, ESC 2021, my top 10 

1. 🇺🇦 Go_A - SHUM
2. 🇮🇹 Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni
3. 🇫🇮 Blind Channel - Dark Side
4. 🇦🇺 Montaigne - Technicolour
5. 🇷🇴 ROXEN - Amnesia
6. 🇧🇪 Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
7. 🇸🇪 Tusse - Voices
8. 🇱🇻 Samanta Tina - The Moon is Rising
9. 🇮🇸 Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years
10. 🇨🇭 Gjon's Tears - Tout l’Univers

(I suck at ranking stuff, and when I have to rank 39 pieces of music, consistency isn't my forte, but whatever.)

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content warning meta, lewd vs nsfw 

I really dislike "NSFW" as a content warning,

lewd just fits so much better because what is safe for one's workplace differs from place to place

and for those unemployed, they may still not want to view it anyway.

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Hey, I've got more slots for high-quality vector emoji commissions, DM me if you're interested! ^^

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Finished emoji commission of 236NintenSt's (on Twitter) half-orc, Medael!

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hijab ban 

I'm not seeing a lot of people talk about this so I'm not sure if you even know?

1. France is making the hijab illegal for everyone under 18 (in public. In other words, they're making it illegal for underage hijabis to fucking *go outside*). Hijabis also won't be allowed to accompany their children on school trips

2. Germany is making it illegal for hijabis to work in public office, like as a teacher

#islamophobia #misogyny

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(urgent) looking for translation jobs in EU, please boost 

I have a friend currently in Hungary on a work permit for an internship. they're looking for jobs so they can extend their work permit and not have to fly back home.

they work in translation and are fluent in Arabic, English, and French and have a few years of experience.

if you have any openings where you work and your company sponsors foreign workers then please let me know and I'll send you a resume!!

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food, baking, sweets, recipe follow-up 

As expected, the brownies taste delicious, but unfortunately the texture is just super crumbly!

I suspect the bad texture came from too much leavening agent, and maybe from overcooking it a bit too much.
In the future I'll try swapping the self-raising flour for non-yeasted cake flour.

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Finished emoji commission for pandoras_foxo on Twitter!

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Hey, I've got some more slots for emoji commissions, DM me if you're interested!

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Finished emoji of tubstout's (on Twitter) Roegadyn character, Ranburu!

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food, baking, sweets, recipe 

The recipe is adapted from this one (it's in english):

120 g + 45 g chocolate chips (100% cacao)
150 g self-raising wheat flour
150 g yellow sugar
7 g yeast
3 g salt
150 mL vegetable drink
45 g sunflower oil
7 mL vanilla extract

0. Preheat oven to 180℃
1. Line a pan with parchment paper
2. Melt 120g chocolate
3. Sift flower, sugar and yeast.
4. Mix liquid ingredients into flower until homogeneous
5. Pour batter into pan, use a spatula to make it level
6. Sprinkle 45g of chocolate chips on top
7. Bake until the batter is at 80℃ (or a wooden toothpick comes with a few crumbles attached), or 18 to 25 minutes
8. Remove from the oven and wait until it gets to room temperature to cut into it.

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food, baking, sweets 

I made brownies for the first time! The batter was delicious, so I'm expecting the final product to be just as good.
Now to wait until this comes to room temp to take a bite out of it!

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