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📢 Important PSA:

Trans rights are Human Rights.
Non-binary folks, no matter if they're trans or not, or how they present, are valid and their rights are Human Rights.

:transgender_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

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I'm now using this new avatar for a while because I'm really happy with the emojo I commissioned from @dzuk, maker of Mutant Standard, a set of emoji you see in many cool places ^^'. I was positively surprised by how much this emoji resembles my face!
Many thanks to zir for putting up with me.

Also, a reminder for you to consider giving artists money if you can afford to! They make really cool and important stuff.

And if you have a sona, consider having emojos of them made by Dzuk!

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The idea of "alpha" and "beta" males is an outdated myth based on misinformation. There is not a single reported case of a wolf using the Greek alphabet throughout the entirety of recorded history. It does not reflect how wolves act in the wild.

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asking for money 

so I haven't been to my current retail job in about a month because of mental illness. I'll be back eventually but I could use some assistance with current debts

my checking is overdrafted (again) and I have bills not yet paid. To take care of the most immediate stuff would take about $375 usd

I know a lot of folks are doing hard, but if you have a few dollars to spare, anything helps

cashapp: $Kayparwastaken

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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need financial help, boosts appreciated, a bit urgent 

Hey, I mismanaged my money again by making calculation mistakes and not anticipating getting certain fees and I'm kinda fucked right now. I'm overdrawn on my food account and late on rent :/

I could do with less I think but I think getting 400€ total would keep me safe and put me back on track financially so I can get a fresh start.

You can send me money through PayPal:

If you can't, my Ko-Fi takes card payments:

Boosts are also super appreciated. Even if you can't send money, they help a ton.

cc @mutualaid

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Deltarune Chapter 2 releases in under two hours, remember to be respectful to folks who aren't interested or may not be able to play it right away and use the CW feature to tag your posts appropriately!

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Could you plz help me out with my mh & groceries? 

I need 75€ for a psych appointment & 75€ for groceries, cleaning supplies & menstrual hygiene stuff, if you plz could help me I'd appreciate it so much! :blobbowing:

Boosts are welcome & very helpful. I can't stress this enough!

Donations are very welcome & appreciated too, but plz take care of yourself first! :blobnervous2:

Thank you so much for helping me out, fedi! :blobimfine:

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #BegPost

CC: @mutualaid

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I had to handle shipping freight which I've never done before and was super anxious about, but I told the guy who came to pick it up "Hi, I have never done this before, do you have any advice?" and he was absolutely excited to be able to help, reminder that you don't have to know what you're doing 100% of the time and there are people who would be delighted to be the expert and share their knowledge

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thread of three comrades who need financial help after being arrested for peacefully protesting at the Black Lives Matter protest at the Met Gala

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I'm looking for psychological research on like trans, genderqueer, non-binary etc. people (anything to do with queer gender identities) and memory. It's very broad.
We want to add this to a broader, course on psychology with a particular focus on identity, meaning making, narratives about self, and personality.
We're going trough all the scientific search engines ourselves, but if you have something in mind we'd greatly appreciate it.

Much love!

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A Sims house inspired by the Aromantic pride flag :boost_requested: 

I made a house for these aromantic sims! It's a modern eco home in black, white, grey, and green and I think it looks really cool.

You can watch a video of me building it here and also hear some of my recommendations for other aromantic youtubers to watch:

#aromantic #sims4

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It's only a Minotaur if it's from the Labyrinth region of Crete, otherwise it's just sparkling cow fursona

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hey i need everyone to know that The Satanic Temple doesn't actually offer you any protection wrt abortion bans. its literally just a money grab bc its free to join the church, but to show off documentation (like for a doctor visit) you need to pay for it.

TST is great for going viral with their challenging of laws and whatever but they have literally never been successful in court even once except over some netflix baphomet drama. much like with any other organization, they're full of shit. being tongue in cheek doesnt actually make you better if you're even more incompetent than the opposition

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Question to everyone, but especially neurodivergent people:

What do you do to deal with a situation in which there are multiple things that require to be done immediately?

As part of my job, I often get multiple requests at the same time (like, 3-4 things that are supposed to be solved right now all at once). I know the only action I can take is starting from the most urgent one… but how can I tell my brain to stop freezing/panicking, focus on that one thing, and avoid feeling overwhelmed?

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Could you plz help me out with my health? 

Hi, fedi!

It's that time of the month again! :gonk:

I need 60 for my ADHD meds, 15 for my anti-depressive + 50 to manage a bunch of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I also need physiotherapy for my back & knee, which are really bad. Each session is 30€.

If you could chip in, it'd be very welcome & appreciated! Any cent counts! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thank you so much for helping! :blobcatheart:


#MutualAid @mutualaid

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before electric kettles they used to make acoustic kettles

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And here’s the playlist! Sorry for the wait, and thanks everyone for submitting your picks!

Here’s the Spotify link, though there are some missing songs:

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This isn't an urgent question because i'm not in the position to do this yet but i'm curious...

Is it possible to have different gender markers on passports if you have dual citizenship?

I'm both a Canadian and British citizen, I do not have a valid Canadian passport at the moment but when I get mine updated, I'd like an X marker on mine because it's possible to do so in Canada, but (for now at least), it's not possible on British passports.

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Yes, I'm asking for help, and it's hard: Rebooting my Life (long) 

TL;DR: I survived a ridiculous run of overwhelming, life threatening BS and need help rebuilding myself to live in the "real world" that I keep hearing about.

I could write a novel about things that have gone wrong in the last decade, so I'll give a still-brief sum up: about 10 years ago I survived Stage IV and II cancers with about a 30% survival chance. I worked full time through all of it. After recovering my ex took nearly everything I owned after we moved to their family home after I lost my job. On the way back to family, my car died and I had to sell it for food/shelter after which family took me in. I have been without work, permanent housing, and income for 4 years. I'm done listening to people who have convinced me that I'm a failure and should just give up and live with my emotionally abusive family.

A while back I asked for help on a kofi to get my hosting costs covered for professional / self promotion, portfolio building, and learning. I'm asking again for funding to get the next items to pull myself up: Educational books, related software, and maybe even a phone that doesn't randomly reboot and hosting isn't bottom tier.

I have a kofi, and while the page itself focuses on my music goals what I'm really shooting for here is getting into InfoSec and/or DevOps.

Please feel free to pass around and drop some coin my way. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this, donating, and boosting.

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Please help. Need money ASAP. I am appreciating boost.

I have to pay my room rent but I don't have enough money right now. I hasn't got money from teaching maths yet. I need $20.

Thanks for the donation.

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