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I'm now using this new avatar for a while because I'm really happy with the emojo I commissioned from @dzuk, maker of Mutant Standard, a set of emoji you see in many cool places ^^'. I was positively surprised by how much this emoji resembles my face!
Many thanks to zir for putting up with me.

Also, a reminder for you to consider giving artists money if you can afford to! They make really cool and important stuff.

And if you have a sona, consider having emojos of them made by Dzuk!

@KitRedgrave This one works for both "mini-gender changer" and "mini gender-changer".

the best way i know to explain nonbinary gender to cis people is the binary food comparison:

every food is either a sandwich or a dumpling

pizza? sandwich

steak? dumpling

salad? sandwich

potato? dumpling

just because something *can* be sorted into a binary, doesn't mean that's the best or most accurate way to describe it

This is an anti Boomer emoji spell:


Share to protect your profile from boomers

If you've had the patience to read through the thread I wrote a few months ago about Eleanor Rykener, you'll be familiar with the fact that trans people existed in Medieval Europe, and that they were spoken about in terms that were quite different from the ones we use today.

For this sequel, I would like to offer a complement to Eleanor's story, by following up that account of a real trans woman with the discussion of a fictional transmac person.

I know I'm two years late on this but... cartridges for the Nintendo Switch do have a terrible taste. Yuck. ๐Ÿคข

Idle thought: it's a shame that capitalism has turned the meaning of "volunteer" from "unforced, by choice" into "unpaid".

hot dang I've already used this for a side project and it's pretty great #design #a11y

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If you want a spellchecker/grammar checker/proofreader for your short stories or scripts, I am currently offering this service and can do all these things for you for about 0.5 to 1 US cents per word, depending on the workload.

Contact me if you would like this!

Hooray! Dzuk's Ferris emoji is now on for download!

Thanks to @aldeka for being receptive to hosting the files, and for approving the pull request so quickly.
And thanks once more to @dzuk for licensing zir lovely artwork under CC BY-NC-SA. Please credit zir if you use the emoji elsewhere. โ˜บ๏ธ

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