Stanford University computer scientists, lead by @MonicaSLam, are working on building a privacy-minded virtual assistant, as an alternative to virtual assistants that have "access to a broader & more personal range of data than a search engine."

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Did you know you can embed toots from Mastodon on other websites and blogs?

Just click the "..." at the bottom of a toot and select "embed" to get the HTML code.

Here's an example of it in action:

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Open source and fediverse is really cool, but I have simple and the most valuable question: how to move your contacts to fediverse things? For example, all my colleagues and family use telegram for personal messaging and slack for work-related things. Could you give me some ideas about how to "advertise" such tools like matrix for them?

"Despite near-universal acceptance that privacy is a right ... many of us remain numb to its persistent erosion." lists four essential Internet privacy tools and why you need them.

Is your browser protecting your privacy enough? @davidnield suggests trying our browser on mobile and browser extension on desktop for "maximum privacy with minimal effort."

With one download, you can take back your privacy:

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Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more