We've made great strides on encrypting the web. Now EFF wants to encrypt the entire Internet.

EFF's @the_zeroth_law talks to the Collective Intelligence podcast about what's left to do. (Hint: TLS domain name leaks, encrypted DNS, and email.) flashpoint-intel.com/blog/podc

Annual donors sustain EFF's fight for user rights. Remember to renew (or start!) your membership this year: eff.org/renew

Parents are in a strong position to advocate to schools and districts on behalf of their kids' student privacy. eff.org/deeplinks/2017/08/stud

@lightdark @ConnyDuck @fdroidorg we later learned that the last human had left Google in late 2016. We were still ways away though before AI revealed itself.

Tomorrow, I will publish the fix for Pleroma users. Also, you will have the "custom sharing" feature introduced by @crockwave
You can have a look to his article on Fedilab website to know more about it.



RT @eff: Due to errors in the automated license plate reader database, @OaklandPrivacy’s @b_haddy was detained at gunpoint for allegedly dr…

No product should ever come with a secret microphone, regardless of whether or not it's enabled. That's just bad security design, @Nest. csoonline.com/article/3336227/

RT @eff: Privacy doesn’t have to be painful or confusing for users, especially if it is integrated into user design from the beginning. htt…

UK police are rolling out new spying technologies that monitor us in public, online and even at home. But they’re not telling the public. That’s not #policingbyconsent. We’re working with @libertyhq to shine a light on police spying #NeighbourhoodWatched privacyinternational.org/campa twitter.com/privacyint/status/

We just received this in the post today! ProtonVPN won BestVPN.com's Best Free VPN award for 2019 for our #freeVPN service that has no ads, no logs, and no bandwidth limit. protonvpn.com/

OnionShare is an open source tool by Micah Lee for securely and anonymously sending and receiving files using Tor onion services.

The newest version adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages.

There are a couple of open source automated #Translation sites available.

Both are still under development so they lack some languages/features, but you can try them already on their demo sites:



#AlternativesAtoZ #Langauges

Consumer law is an important tool for holding companies that exploit data and power to account - interesting decision from France in @UFCquechoisir case against Google - we'll be watching as it progresses t.co/WsjBzELM1h

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