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Does your company sell things on the Internet? Are you a bank? Are you in any way involved with the site that does this? Go to it now, look for a #magecart-style compromise. This is no longer an isolated incident, it is an endemic problem. #malware #javascript

The Web We Have to Save (2015) by Hossein Derakhshan

"The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?"

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It’s a 👂 bug,🕷 plain & simple. #AMZN wants you to pay them to 🎤 bug 🐜 your own house so they can listen to. your. every. single. word. 🎙 🐛 #SurveillanceCapitalism has reached peak shtf 🤔 #Privacy

“ #Amazon introduces the Echo Input, its first Echo without a speaker”

"China names and shames 158 companies for pollution". This is a great example that other countries should follow. Unfortunately the governments in Europe and America only care about profits, nothing else.

Hello #FLOSS experts,

Request from a reader: does anyone know an open source app or service that lets you convert #audio files to #mp4 #video with a still background?

It doesn't have to be a full video editor, just something to turn audio podcasts into a video file with a background image.

As if AMZN isnt bad enough! 🤔 …that’s ok, the last thing we need is another shady #Amazon but actually controlled by the Communist Party. For every job, you couldve also bet there would've been weird visa apps & more shady #privacy invasion #surveillance as #SurveillanceCommunism #SurveillanceCapitalism #HumanRights
#Alibaba's #JackMa Cancels Promise For 1 Million US Jobs Amid US-China Trade Dispute

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Seems like the janitor process is taking much longer then anticipated. Apart from removing redacted messages form the database (normally they are still stored for no good reason), we are removing traces of empty rooms (those are stored in the database too). We havent done it in a while so we are dealing with a lot of forgotten rooms. We hope janitor will finish its tasks soon so we can put the matrix back online and start purging public rooms history, while you guys can continue chatting.

Thinking about becoming the latest victim of cybercrime...

reminder that if you make users pay to use a dark theme on your software that your software is garbage
i have sensory issues and staring at black text on white backgrounds for even a small amount of time gives me extremely bad headaches, and there's tons of other people with the same or similar issues

As a bonus, is now also reachable via IPv6 :)

To explain this a bit, the network storage with the videos was in a different data center than the actual server (around 300km distance). I moved the VPS to the same datacenter where the videos are stored. This gives a bit lower latency to access videos, and hopefully also a bit more bandwidth to retrieve videos.

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