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My various accounts:

My main is @sev at I'm often posting public unless I'm kvetching about medical stuff.

This account, @sev at, is more AD, though there's the occasional wholesome post, too. This is probably my highest-volume account; be warned the content is often on the bdsm side of things.

I try to keep @sev at mostly on-topic. I post about tabletop roleplaying games as well as board/card games.

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You are real. You are valid. You are valuable. The world is better because you are in it.

I believe in you. I'm proud of you.

Yes, you.

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Here is Marie Fuckin' Kueerdo at TAINT Cabaret sharing the Kueermari technique of getting your queer shit together.

CW: Sex toys get organised at one point.

Special thanks to Kivan Bay, Felipe Torres Medina and Points in Case for the inspiration!

(Not actually affiliated with Marie Kondo, KonMari, Netflix, or any of their associates. This is an affectionate parody.)

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I am kind, but I am not necessarily nice. If you're not used to thinking about the difference between those two things, you might not enjoy all your interactions with me.

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btw, $4 more a month for Mutant Standard's Patreon until monthly livestreams hhhhhh

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Sigh. That extension that lets you tag social media profiles as trans-friendly so they appear as a different color in your browser to you is 95% assuredly a data mining operation.

Please don't use it. If you do, don't tag me in it.

ahhh, January, my favorite clothes-shopping season: when all the sparkly shit from last month is on clearance.

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Yay I'm excited about story games at #OrcaCon! We'll be in the Chelan room all weekend facilitating games like Fiasco, Quiet Year, Microscope, Fall of Magic, Firebrands, & more.

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If you're in the #Seattle area, OrcaCon is happening in Bellevue this weekend. Northwest Narrative Games is running Games on Demand, so that's where I'll be! Come play with us!

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It just has a really nice visual balance, curves, gesture, readability AND contrast!

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Rang in the new year surrounded by many of my favorite people. Even in the darkest season, I am lucky. <3

Whenever I dream about cats, I dream about many cats. Last night's dream started with just my two, but quickly added a whole litter of kittens.

WTF, series of nightmares? I need a metric fuckton of cuddles now.

Apparently Subnautica is free until December 27, in case you managed to listen to @starkatt go on about it and still somehow managed to resist:

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otterfriends beware? (birdsite screenshot, news headline, carnivorous behavior) Show more

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