childhood musings, internet 

Someone my age shared something on social media that she's glad the internet exists but also that she's glad she grew up without it.
We got internet in 2000, I was 12. And honestly I don't know what kind of person I would be today if it we hadn't.
Opened up a whole wide world for me. As someone from a smaller village inhabited by lots of narrow-minded people... I'm very glad I got to see an alternative to that growing up.

childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

I also think it was pretty important for me to find other people who felt similar things to me.

I was an active livejournal user and at some point I realized that pretty much everyone there were processing some kind of trauma. Divorce, death of a family member, mental health issues, family issues, bullying. Everyone was seeking refuge.

childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

Livejournal - or the club of kids who weren't okay.


childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

@Virelai I feel called out. 😅️

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