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Hello all, I've made a choice to explicitly ban three types of content from the server:

1) police organizations
2) military organizations
3) cryptocurrency/blockchain content

Police orgs have actually been banned for a long while. I've added military orgs to the list because I think that's logcally consistent. I've added crypto to the list because the blockchain is an ecological and moral catastrophe.

PSA: A vaccine might protect you from COVID-19, but tarot cards won't. 💉 > 🃏

This message brought to you by my dead relative who refused to get vaccinated. ☠️

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Hey, do any of you folks run public 9P servers?

Or more broadly: do you *know* any public 9P servers other than

(by public I mean a 9P server that can be accessed by anyone over TCP)

#plan9 #9p

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#Microsoft #Excel is actively sabotaging #research data and is not willing to fix the bug. So, researchers had to change their naming:
🤦‍♂️ #Biology

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upgrading my laptop at work to #bullseye .... it's always good to test before doing upgrades on important machines (my own at home 😅 ).

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RT from Eva (@evacide)

Today is a good day to remember that George W. Bush is a monster who led the US into two disastrous wars in the Middle East and not some kindly old man who took up painting in retirement.

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US: "China is stealing our patents! Make trade war, cold war, South China Sea 21 trillion dollar war with them!"

China: "Let's have the highest quantity and quality of science in the world for the betterment of humanity."

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No tenía idea que plan 9 9 front tiene imagen para todos los raspberry pi
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USPOL/Covid/As Seen on Twitter 

"During the pandemic the United States didn’t even consider Universal healthcare but came up with a program to help pay for funerals. We’re like if a rejected dystopian novel manuscript was a country."

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All right, I'm not going to link the article, but I have a brand-new safety tip for the fediverse:

Don't use the laser sight on your gun to make a dot for your cat to play with.

(Everybody involved, including the cat, survived.)

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USPol COVID-19 desperation 

This is ugly, but I feel like "Enjoy your COVID-19" is the best answer one can give these days:

- Don't want to wear a mask? Enjoy your COVID-19!

- Don't want to get the vaccine? Enjoy your COVID-19!

- Don't want to social distance? Enjoy your COVID-19!

- Don't want to show vaccination proof? Enjoy your COVID-19!

- Don't believe Trump lost the election? Enjoy your COVID-19!

- Don't want to listen to COVID-19 experts? Enjoy your COVID-19!

Etc... Etc... Ad Nauseam.

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"IndentationError: expected an indented block"

submitted by InevitableCar69

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People talk about "releasing" software, stop doing that!

Software raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild! Feral software is also a big threat to digital biodiversity. Do not release software.

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Personal inbox down from 2800 unread messages to 1400. Tomorrow I'll try and hit 700.

All part of my strategy I like to call... Inbox Zeno 😎

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Tenacity is a free open privacy-friendly audio editing and recording app, forked from Audacity. You can follow at:

➡️ @tenacity

The project's website is at

It's based on Audacity, but with the controversial stuff removed. The project is new, and contributors are welcome.

(If you're wondering why people are leaving Audacity: )

#Tenacity #Audio #Music #Apps #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Audacity #Alternatives #Productivity

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