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Ok. Clearly Before the Storm is the next thing I need to play. Written on the schedule in pen.

I think have reached the point of "literally everything about Steam sucks except the download speeds". It's the year 2018, if I put an item in my cart on the PC why is it not in the cart on the phone app?

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Old Man's Journey... the art was charming, but the puzzle solving felt a bit bare and the story was pretty pat. It was OK.

Will do a spoiler comment with CW on this post.

Also in 2013 I thought Prince superior to Beyonce. Not sure now. But ask me again in another 5 years.

Oh hey, I was going through ancient MF threads and I just remembered the day I learned that the WGBH logo used to scare the shit out of people.

I feel like everyone who has ever had an issue with Metafilter thinks the site "has become hostile/snarky/cynical over the past few years" regardless of the actual tone of the site at the time. I'm not sure why this is. The site was hostile as fuck when I joined it in 2004. There was a dude who used to start shit with me just because he was mad at the state I lived in.

I think people are right about the site being unwelcoming, but I can't find this era when it was.

Someone named Travis wrote into crate and crowbar with a description of multiplayer game trajectory so good I'm going to copy it down here:

-"Chaotic equality at release as everyone finds their footing, followed by a meta emerging and a distillation of the player base. A patch occasionally rustles the meta, but equilibrium returns. Obsessive sixteen year olds rule the roost. Eventually, death."

As a middle aged white guy, I can't wear a snapback hat, right?

Nothing says Father's Day like having to cancel your credit card because some idiot used it to buy a TV in Minnesota.

I'm still playing Yoku's Island Express. It's so much better than anyone could have expected. An extremely solid non-violent Metroidvania/Pinball(?!?) game with a perfectly realized whimsical tone, all on a carefree island full of secrets and sidequests. It's almost certain to be a top ten of the year game for me.

Pete Hines is really committed to this whole "fuck nazis" thing. Loving it.

I finally saw Solo and.... I really liked it? What did people not like about it? I feel like I don't understand Star Wars fans anymore.

A meth lab just exploded two blocks from me. So... that's cool

Yoku's Island Express is my new favorite Switch game. Nice to finally have something to play on it again.

For some reason my almost 4 year old daughter decided to clearly enunciate the name "Prendergast" several times at the dinner table tonight with no explanation. She seemed to consider this highly amusing.

In any case, it was probably time to introduce the kids to Teddy Pendergrass. Even if the name doesn't quite fit.

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Stages of a Toxic Fandom:
1. I love this
2. I own this
3. I control this
4. I can't control this
5. I hate this
6. I must destroy this

Man, Valerian is not a good movie. Bad casting, lazy, retrograde writing... it has a bit of the visual flair of the Fifth Element but none of the anything else.