I feel like any argument you could ever make about the competence of Google's decision making can be refuted simply by the existence of Youtube Live Chat

I'm increasingly convinced that Microsoft needs to prioritize sunsetting the Microsoft Store. The thing is rotten to the core... it's been years and still the same terrible behaviors that no other software delivery mechanism seems to have.

Just lost another multi hour save on a Game Pass for PC game. Booted it up today, the save is just gone. That's the final straw, and I've canceled game pass and uninstalled the client.

Did I actually not know that Garak from DS9 was the bad guy from Dirty Harry

Man, Panasonic's 12-60 kit lens is really surprisingly good. I'm sure I'll do the stupid thing and drop cash on more lenses at some point, but so far it's getting the job done!

Also I am barely using this camera for video. I feel stupid but I'm sure eventually I'll figure out how to incorporate the moving picture into my life

I feed the kids a bunch of mushroom rice and then they disappeared upstairs. Now there is total silence. Magic?

This is your daily reminder that the catbus has testicles

When you find yourself accidentally listening to Hoobastank it's time to go to bed

When I eventually go back into the office I'm going to have to figure out how to get away with wearing massive cans, because I'm not sure I can go back to canalphones

I just bought three different fighting games on Steam because, you know, I dunno, COVID

It's the week of quarantine that I try to learn a fighting game and inevitably fail

Man, the nook brothers fuckin me again with these damn turnips

Getting so bored that I'm starting to consider getting into shooting video? Fuck?

I reconfigured my desk to be significantly more ergonomic for long stretches of typing, and the result is that I now feel like I should be doing something productive when I sit down. Which is a problem when I am sitting here at 11pm lazily refreshing forums

This ad campaign has been ongoing for years. It's extremely dedicated

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One of the very weirdest things about Facebook is that it is utterly convinced that I want to read news about the TV series "The Good Fight". I have never seen this show, and don't watch television

Ok I want to be crystal clear: if you have your Windows taskbar on the top of your screen, you need to CALL THE POLICE and have yourself TAKEN TO JAIL

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