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Jeff Bridges is the intercontinental champion of making you wonder if he has any teeth.

TIL that Coleco was originally a company that sold shoe leather.

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Finally got the floor stomp rune in Dead Cells. It really has opened up some exotic locations where I can die horribly.

Is it just me or are the emulated NES games on the Switch weirdly brown?

In any event, I have zero interest in Switch Online as an ongoing product. Maybe if I had stuck with Splatoon, but I'm certainly not going back to it now that I have to pay extra just to try it again.

America; you are welcome for all the monstrously huge yellowjackets I just let out of my living room.

Back from a lovely Gabriel Kahane show, despite the dismal venue. And I now have a signed songbook, which is PRETTY NEAT

It's probably a bad sign when you forget you ordered things, but an unexpected Giant Bomb hoodie is a good way to end the week.

Hot take of the day and season: Movistar is poorly run and habitually underperforms. If not for Valverde where would they even be?

Okami facts:

-There's a dedicated button for barking.

-You can feed forest creatures and there's a surprisingly long cutscene of them slurping it down while Ammy sits there like a nice pupper.

-If you get tired of night time, you can just draw a sun in the sky, problem solved.

I watched the Nintendo Direct with my daughter. Let me just say that those people know what they're doing. The instant Pokemon appeared on the screen: "Daddy, we should buy that game when it comes out".

back online with the new cable modem. Spectrum very awesomely transferred me from someone who knew what they were doing to someone who seemed to have just wandered in off the street. So that took an hour. But I am provisioned! Now to provision my mouth with some bourbon.

It's come to this: I have to go to Best Buy tonight.

You know, I used to get a lot of weird scam robocalls, but now it's just "Rachel from Cardholder Services" over and over again. Roborachel, you are bringing me down.

ESPN is the worst. I wish it wasn't full of people whose work I genuinely enjoy.

I have to give props to Signal for not only enabling me to have private chats but also having a really nice Android app. I wish I could get more people to use it

So is it better to buy my own cable modem or take whatever Spectrum sends me? Modem is on the fritz...

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