We get it Tori. You've got some horses to ride on

Extremely grateful to have found my SATA to USB 3 cable. Not sure what it was doing in that uh... crevice

I was actually surprised to read that The Force Awakens and RoS have the same cinematographer. Like, what happened? I think TFA is the best looking JJ Abrams film and is full of cool old-school shots. And then RoS looks like it was shot for coverage by a distracted teenager.

Dunno what this says about me, but I misheard a commercial just now at the barber and briefly thought Mark Wahlberg was running for president

The lesson here is never ever update your drivers for any reason. fuck

I think I need to make peace with the fact that I am a sucker for Assassin's Creed and I will just put up with whatever bullshit the games have for all of eternity

The weirdest take is the "Episode III is a good movie" take. I mean, I just started watching it because I was wondering about my memory of it having weird music gaps (yes) and I think if I sat and watched this whole movie now it would legit end my soul

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Today it was brought to my attention that Trent Reznor's name backwards is Ron Zertnert and I wanted to share that with y'all

Is the Chipmunks dad a dirtbag? Like is he a complete piece of shit?

I understand why I am bad at a lot of games, but my utter ineptitude at Tetris is really a mystery.

I just cloned my game drive to an SSD because welcome to 2019. All my Steam games, EGS games, Itch.io games, and anything else ran perfectly when I reassigned drive letters. UWP games threw a fit and I had to try about 4 different solutions before I found one that worked. I really don't understand why Microsoft is the one company that can't run a digital delivery store.

I really don't know whether Game Pass is worth keeping. On the one hand, I get a lot of games cheap. On the other hand, I have to deal with the Windows Store and UWP and all the shitgoblins that come with it.

MS finally understood that I want to fuck the Xbox

The next Xbox: it's literally just a PC guys

Star Wars Rebels is a cheerful show about inspirational good guys who slaughter like 300 people in each episode

Huh, looks like you can just watch the whole movie on Youtube because somebody uploaded it. I guess whoever ultimately owns the rights just doesn't give a shit.

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