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It makes me a little sad that there's all this energy I see around retro console games and very little apparent around retro PC games.

During my formative years I was entirely a PC gamer and whenever trivia questions and the like come up it becomes clear that lots of influential podcasters and others (like the Giant Bomb duders) just don't know much about PC games prior to their merger with console games around the original Xbox.

(I mean, beyond the sort of surface level id software stuff)

So did Kawhi die or something? Is that a body double? This "mysterious injury" shit is getting dark as hell.

I can only hope he's off solving intergalactic mysteries with Doctor Who and Marquelle Fultz.

Oh and X3. I forgot that one.

So I watched Logan the other night finally and really enjoyed it. Here's the question:

I've seen Xmen 1 and 2 and First Class... I think that's it for Xmen movies. I started watching Origins: Wolverine so I know that's terrible.

The remaining ones are Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, and Apocalypse. Given that my Xmen needs are not yet sated, which of these is least bad?

Also, I thought you were dead?

Watched Escape from New York last night for the first time since... sometime in the 90s?

Still good: the theme music, the image of unlit Manhattan, Ox Baker.

Beyond that, the film is pretty rudimentary. I always preferred Big Trouble in Little China but now I'm even more convinced it's a much better film.

Also, I remember Isaac Hayes being in the movie more... his character is barely there.

TFW you go to Google "best windows 10 security settings" and instead type "best windows 10 sex"

I actually missed the national anthem but I guess I don't have a problem with Fergies rendition? It sort of highlighted the absurdity of the anthem in a way I enjoyed.

That was the chippiest all star game I've ever seen and it was absolutely great.

I'm really enjoying forma.8, despite the fact that I'm utterly lost. I am a sucker for beautiful but desolate 2D exploration, ala Knytt Underground, and like that game I think I will just be hopelessly lost in this forever.

The Lakers and T-wolves are playing a dumb, weird rubber game before the break and Kevin Harlan is having a good time. For one thing, he is extremely excited about Zubac. Zubac is apparently the new unicorn.

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Also, I finished Night in the Woods and man that game is so good. It's rare to feel like you just finished a really good book when you put down a game.

I love the art, I love the writing, I love the mythos of the world. The four friends at the core of the game (and Germ!) are so memorable and remind me of high school friends.

Something about fringe NBA players having amazing games is incredibly heartwarming. TJ McConnell will always have this memory and that's so cool.

I somehow managed to witness TJ McConnell getting a triple double. We will never see its like again.

One really bizarre thing you can do is play nothing but Switch games on Joycons for two months and then go back and play a game with a XB1 controller. It feels massive and strange, like you are holding a superdense arcade stick in your hands.

I'm enjoying Night in the Woods but for a game about talking animals it is a little too real for me. Particularly as someone who lives in a faded industrial town.

Arguing with IT about whether or not I received emails really feels like the most futile thing I could possibly be doing.