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Did people really think Heat Signature was too hard? The whole new update is focused on making it easier when it was frequently too easy to begin with. Once you've figured out how best to exploit a few gadgets you can get through 90% of ships with the same approach.

After a REALLY long time, I'm back on that Stardew Valley shit.

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Had to Google U/D/T because I'm not a lawyer, but Google came back with Underwater Demolition Team which does sound like a much more interesting way to spend my day!

Sincerely glad that Tom Francis (who I don't believe is on Mastodon) turned me on to Shadwen, which I had previously bounced off of after 20 minutes or so. It's not a great game, but it's interesting and enough of my jam that I'm enjoying it. I would like to play a game, though, that had stealth, time rewind AND satisfying movement/environmental mechanics. Shadwen doesn't have the latter.

It's a very special moment: millions of non-NBA fans know Trump is mad a LaVar Ball but don't yet know anything about LaVar Ball.

Got halfway through a game of Candyland before it devolved into a discussion of the game's mythos.

Gave up at 4am last night and put a pullover hoodie on in bed. Slept like a baby thereafter

Ginobili just threw Steven Adams over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes, I'm not sure we live in reality

Westbrook is now taking a deep breath before free throws like he's meditating.. somehow his basketball aesthetic is even better than before. The world is a bright and beautiful place

Oh you know just watching James Harden highlights whilst listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Typical productive Friday.

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Astonishing. Marcus Smart doesn't rest at missing every shot he takes, he has to block Kyrie's shots too?

People favoriting old comments on Mefi makes me feel old as well, because then I go and read the comment I wrote and it's a joke I don't even get anymore

People have a lot of suggestions for what to do with all these gropers, but may I suggest the word "groper" tattooed onto their forehead? Or just "poor impulse control" (with apologies to Neal Stephenson)

Google Play, you are a doofus. The reason I don't have any phone space for app updates is because you are using 2.6 GB of space for your cache, seemingly for no reason.

Listening to TNC on the BS podcast and it's funny to hear him so relaxed, because I often feel like he's bracing himself for the interviewer to say some dumb shit, or to be put on a pedestal or asked to represent all black people.

A lot of people don't like Bill Simmons and I get that but he's a sneaky good interviewer sometimes.

Flannel sheets are great but then how the hell am I supposed to get out of bed?