If you sometimes struggle to explain the "Streisand Effect" to people, just grab a screenshot of today's Google result for the word "idiot"

I really don't know what to think about this Epic Games Store thing and I'm admittedly fascinated to see what happens. Nobody's ever really gone right at Valve before.

I have a feeling inertia will just win out again, but who knows.

Coopetition is not a non-word I actually needed in my head

"We're finally bringing the post apocalypse to Fuck High"

The NBA is now blacking out national games on TNT? What in the fucking world?

I have no idea why I try to pay for basketball online. I'm obviously a dupe and should just watch the ubiquitous pirate streams.

Thank you to GHWB for my day off today. Although really, NYSE, can we talk about the fact that all your holidays are in the first half of the year? I'd gladly exchange Good Friday for Columbus Day or something. And close Thanksgiving Friday, what the fuck are you doing. Nobody trades that day anyway!

OMG my 15mm lens might actually be here soon. After the incredible Canadapost Odyssey. If I have to return this thing it's going to be fucking hilarious.

My daughter loves toys that talk and also loves She-Ra. Which led to this odd exchange:

Doll: "Hey Girlfriend!"

Julia: "Hey, Girl from the Horde!"

Adorama, would you kindly chill the fuck out?

Got everyone at Thanksgiving drunk so mission accomplished

Task I did not think I would be doing today: cleaning a shit ton of dust out of my fridge's heat sink.

Ugggghhh never volunteer for anything. I swear.

Furnace guy showed up three hours early... nothing like the feeling of someone knocking at the door when you're midway through an ongoing toilet process.

So what was wrong with my P-TTL cord? Well folks, I plugged it in backwards

BTW this conversation is hilarious in hindsight, including my own dumb contributions:


How little we knew of the future.

There should be a specific word or phrase for the process of:

1. Searching Ask Metafilter for insight into an issue

2. Finding a snippet in search that sounds promising.

3. Clicking on it and realizing you wrote it 13 years ago.

We kicked Poliquin out! With ranked choice!

What is the deal with you crazy people who thumbs down Youtube videos.

First observation from using a 1:1 macro lens: my god, everything is covered with a minute layer of disgusting dust.

How annoyed should I be that the lens I bought online was optically and mechanically as described, but really freakin' dirty? It's clean now, but holy hell.

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