Been a while. I remembered my username/password. That's a thing.


As of today, and for next 13 months, I am the parent of three teenagers. The spouse and I will be grateful for your wishes of good luck.

"Coins in Context" workshop in UK. September 24-25, 2018. "A workshop to explore the integration of the archaeological context of coin finds into the searchable network of numismatic Linked Open Data"

mastodon experience 

I am appreciating the 500 character limit here. Makes for slightly richer conversations?

p.s. @ekansa has a paper in this. And probably others on Mastodon?

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As an experiment, I've uploaded an of the journal volume "Current Practice in Linked Open Data for the Ancient World", ISAW Papers 7 (2014) to Academia_edu . See . Co-edited w/ and .

When the experiment is further along, I'll probably upload to as well.

I just want to note that there are people speaking a foreign language in the coffee shop I'm in and that I am not berating them. Not so hard really.

I am a rank amateur when it comes to gardening. But I am not displeased by this mysterious white flowering annual, which grew on its own from seed a few years ago, and by the chives, which I did plant and can keep alive.

Google shortcut (aka Borg Collective) 

Just noticed that googling "color " bring up a nice rgb & hex color picker.

On an experimental basis, I'm working with a visiting student to distribute born-digital html-based articles as "stand alone" files that include all assets and are easily downloaded. See:

They key is that images are included as base64-encoded data urls. The strategic goal is to explore as an open and easily parseable equiv to PDF. More work to do, but I'm pleased with her progress.

Small updates to my popup in maps mini-project.

1) There is now a simple one-marker map at the start. To demo the basic idea.

2) The more complex map now has two folium.FeatureGroups. One for amphitheaters with known sizes, one for amphitheaters for which that info now known. You can turn them on and off.

Github repo:


The big question for my teaching this year is, "Will a student incorporate a visualization in a pop-up as part of their final project, with the combo being implemented in an notebook that I can execute after downloading their work." I've strongly hinted that this is one way to show me they can wrangle and share data and results.

My teaching paradigm this semester has been to share iPython notebooks every week and work though them with students. Only one more to go...

My 12-year old says he doesn't play Fortnite, a game that I hadn't heard about until reading And he doesn't think the 16-year old does. We'll see...

I'm listening to NPR. briefly mentioned in a story on FaceBook alternatives.

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