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some CSI vibes there. Anyone know a Java or Scala image processing library to quickly do the perspective alignment / equalisation of the markers?

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Think I will turn this into a "waiting piece", uploading one to four photos per day (they are shot with a timer), accompanied by a line of text written by me - so it's a semi-automatic process. To set up a small masto bot to post them to a dedicated account. Which for contemporary art that accepts such a semi-bot would you recommend?

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🎵 what a difference… a Pi cam makes… (first: original Pi cam v2.1, I think they don't make them any longer; second: cheap Joy-IT camera).

3.5.0 is published, and can be installed now through an experimental launcher: - this has a built in update mechanism, and thus will liberate me from having to build platform specific versions of every Mellite update, as well as liberating you from having to re-install Mellite again and again when an update is published.

Give it a spin, and let me know if there are any issues. Or if you need a build for a different architecture.

Even if Google is bad, them winning in the US supreme court in the dispute with Oracle is good news. It means APIs are not as such covered by copyright, and you can thus create new implementations for existing API.

Configuration - sound and video installation (2015). Noticed I had never put up the short video trailer.

First attempt with servos and spray bottle. Seems motors too weak, or construction too bad? Any ideas?

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Having some fun with servos (never used them, so it's extra nice 🤓 ). Want to arrange them to trigger a spray can. That'll be the hard part.

Prepping our videos for the SAR Conference on Artistic Research 

Making two distinct entries, one with Nayarí that includes a new mixed media piece "Divagation 2" – it combines digital image, synthetic sound, and spoken word, and turned out super beautiful – and one with the ALMAT team on the soon to be revealed meta-expo browsing interface on our extensive materials, also superexcited about that. The conference is in 2 1/2 weeks, so we'll publish the videos afterwards.

JPverb by Julian Parker from sc3-plugins is a really decent reverb for SuperCollider. I recommend you install it, often much better choice than GVerb.

A more controversial poll 

Ok, I scraped off some yellow lichens from bark and arranged it on a glass plate indoors near a window, beginning the first trial of daily nutrition with destilled water + xylit.

Is it ok to name a function in a computer music software 'stutter', using it as metaphor for repeating elements in a sequence? Or do you consider that ableist language that better be renamed to a technical term like 'repeatEach'?

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