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I'm experimenting with my pattern library (originally inspired from SuperCollider's) - now adding serialization support to streams, which means that probably you could eventually use that system (inside SoundProcesses) to create behaviour that persists over long periods of time, workspace re-loads or computer reboots.

Still a hell lot of manual serialization glue code to write :-( I should invest in getting a macro written for this.

On Friday, we were making fresh observations for the project. Found some very particular zebra crossings (and a fantastic place to exhibit, so fingers crossed we'll get the permission).


If however circuits are always already bundles of lines, cell structures and lattice planes, individual entanglements perhaps commence.


The detritus of ants vanishes into space, penetrates into screens, yielding surprising sounds sized 40 by 30 centimetres.

English has plenty of options for Kugel: ball, sphere, orb, bowl, pellet, bullet, ...

We're finalising texts for the + catalog; because my text construction requires that each paragraph stays at exactly 108 words, I gave Google Translate a go - holy moly, that engine has become scarily good, you can almost copy + paste the output with only minor corrections. (We use proper translators for the other texts)

The bloody neural gas crossed the boundary, and Mr Dijkstra was quick to follow :-/

Given the nature of my project, I should rather use ant colony optimisation… Anyway, too late, thing is running...

ok, here's the idea:

- for each possible page-folding
- create a GNG from the
possible space occupied by the
edges around the paragraphs
- turn it into a MST
- locate the possible starting and
stopping points
- find the path
- create a bezier along it
- make sure we don't overlap the
paragraphs, otherwise
rerun with stronger boundary
- render the edge text to svg
- create a place-on-path version
of it
- render it to PDF

I merely have to implement :-/

Bwa, enough with the negativity. ☕ 🌳 🐈 💮

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